Choose items that account for office blessing

Feng shui office is quite a lot of interest with the desire for financial well-being . Can decorate the office with items bearing auspicious symbols for good luck . 1 . Bank Long : Long name of the bank is silver coins circulated late Qing Dynasty . On the currency side carved dragon . According

Avoid the risk of being fired by feng shui workplace

According to Feng Shui , a good place to work not only not affect the development of your career that can even lead to the risk of causing you to be fired . Here are some guidelines you should follow to ensure his career has always been strong . – Do not sit in a

Choose paint colors feng shui for the office of company

Choosing paint colors for office is extremely important because it directly affects the beauty and spirit of every person in the company . The choice of color is not just consistent with the employer’s old face , but the company must be based on the direction of the office . The direction of the main

Neutralize two different lives in the office

Q: I was born in 1981, I was sitting opposite a worker born in 1976 . Two closely spaced machine . Please ask two par with each other can not ? Need a way how to handle ? reply You born in 1981, fresh beans, par Jupiter , facing employees born in 1976 , Year

Bring good luck to the business office with 10 ” secrets “

That is something that any business owner or the business room there is a desire . 1 . Computers are indispensable equipment in the office . However, if the office has too many computers will lead to frustration, as people become more tempered , irritability , difficulty concentrating spirit . Reconciliation is as simple as

Choose whether you work in the direction of the Horse Armor 2014

Year of the Horse Armor 2014 promises to bring good luck to those with desk and nightstand turned westward . This year , the West quad face two very good directions to choose from it’s West and South West , North West and should be avoided if possible, restrict use in the east . The

Choose sitting position working for development finance “boss “

In feng shui , the chosen direction , the office location for company executives will bring benefits to the development of the company. A reasonable seat , right way will help directors more power to the operating position , according to company management best practices . In view of feng shui , the ” one

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