To build a house wife is not groundbreaking?

Question: My husband was born in Yi Ty same , the same destiny Mars , we do also eat well , building a new computer this year , but I should have known when the Martians fell , the new family is harmonious peace .

Breakfast and my wife said that he considered the crappy north facade should have red paint other worthy institutions , and both husband and wife must act asterisk blue interior paint to reduce the Fire Island National average less security . Listen awake all up so I do not know the real damage was, hope you tell me how I should do a line with feng shui .

( Tran Van Son , Le Hong Phong , Binh Thuy District , Can Tho City )


Paint issues he raised reflect actual oriental philosophy applied in the current work quite understand yet thorough way . Temporary divided into three basic things need to be addressed as follows : Husband and wife face when making the Martian how ? , The north and the old stories homeowner or not ? ; Reduction in living space flower how to do ?

Ecological value of the house and garden Vietnamese folk which is very high , the problem is exploited and how to apply modern architecture .

According to calculations based on the same par can system detailed schedule of the East , the male and female students in Yi Ty par par is required male female is arising, blame the West system , ie with the North West , West , West South and Northeast . When homeowners make a par Doi ( husband ) in the direction of health care provider shall not , can be overcome by changing the direction of the main door or through Northwest Northeast . If the door can not be rotated to change the interior part of the kitchen and bed , desk … so that the direction of the kitchen , altar , reception … turning in that direction .

As par the Five young couple homeowners along the Blessed Creator is to calculate the student -related problems similar fix or flowers to choose five elements in nature , objects , costumes … not change the color of paint on the facade is finished .

The reduction in flower in this old house is always to do both literally ( hot ) and figuratively ( the collision conflict ) harmonious , not because of the owner ‘s destiny , the new States should reduce . Vietnamese homes from traditional to contemporary place always an interesting parallel : just as welcome welcome Martian sunlight energy is indispensable for life , and have found the solution mechanism of goods , reduce the negative impacts of Fire in residence . From near to far , from contemporary to detailed , these solutions are applicable in the present context , namely :

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– Looks like he does , scientific always reminds residents and interested but do not rush to create that shape . How old folds cleverly created , avoiding direct sunshine , cool breezes through the long- form surface exposed to the south , in the short to turn heads east – west . Vietnam roof – similar conical hat – is a typical example of how a great deal of flexibility with intense tropical sun . Extends gently , preventing direct radiation , creating shadows to low and high exhaust heat up . After the cold wind borrow banana cover , front axle single lane through fresh sunshine . Add Patio, the wooden panels prevent glare , create buffers by lowering the temperature corridor … This experience needed to know the work of modern successors effectively . But apparently designed condominiums or villas currently crammed outside the west window is open the same glass as the Southeast side !

Open doors and skylights place will just help moderate ventilation helps reduce heat

– As many interior furniture , or how much land slanted angles arise as confined endotracheal also be viewed as the Fire Lord , to collide , difficult to use space efficiently . The interior designers , architects now have an easy way to do ” calm ” sharp angle , the angle slanted shelves by closing cabinets, shelves and place items outside the range used cross . Homeowners should take advantage of attic storage room for worship , using less time , inimitable style home side cold countries or used as attic bedroom .

– Due to the nature of biochemical carpentry , so if abuse material in the timber as much as for increased sensation , especially in the narrow streets . The house probably want to use more wood to the garden learning model traditional joinery in carpentry outside , they must be protected as Siamese coat . Water is also used to portray effectively from home arrangement – pond – garden- closed ecological model traditional aquarium set to make artificial waterfall … in the town land conditions narrow .

– Reduce Fire to the other is to reduce the surface is ” hard ” instead of the contact surface with more “soft” , more like natural grass front yard planting , using vines , shade trees . If you should use the terrace roof garden terrace slopes combine to prevent direct radiation . Glasses must also heed the greenhouse effect , so choose the form of doors ( shutters , glass doors flip rotating parts , insulated laminated glass … ) will decide not to small indoor temperature . Again, traditional house system confirms the value of louvre door , the door has closed painting table … just open , good shading and lots of ventilation .

– Of course , there are still many ways to make a cool house ( each room or local ) used as mechanical ventilation , refrigeration … Each house every position , every situation , solution -star selection harmonious environment for the right thing to do and within reach of every person , as his father in childhood … not on the air conditioner and still manage to be so clever .
( According SGTT )

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