6 feng shui elements needed for home furnishings

Feng shui is often a lot of interest for furniture and other areas in the house . However, the exterior also should pay attention if you want to have a perfect house full of vitality and vigor .

1 . Choose paint colors outside

Prior to painting , homeowners should consider two characteristics related to the colors of . First, choose the right colors and color harmony with the surrounding homes as neighboring buildings or landscaping around the house . A home’s exterior when the balance relationships with external factors .

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Second, homeowners can find feng shui master to choose the color that best suits the family members , avoiding the old cavalry , courage , destiny of the family .

2 . Appreciate the main door design

Doors attracting role in the global energy flows in the house. Therefore, when building or buying a home , homeowners should consider important factors such as age which way the door with the owner and the entire house , the color and design of the door must be in harmony with the architecture throughout the house ; not to ornamental plants , wilting flower vase by the door .

You should also avoid obstructions or cracks items sure the door ; always create an airy space ; door is always kept clean , no rust . If you meet all the above factors , the main door of your house will have the opportunity to suck the energy flow zenith , a supplement to the family members .

3 . Design of feng shui for the garden

A feng shui garden will complement the attractive energy source for the whole house as well as help members feel relaxed and comfortable . In garden design feng shui , the element size is not the main criteria . You can absolutely make the house a small garden beautiful . Pay attention to the direction of garden decoration .

The house should be in harmony with the surrounding scenery . Photo: Beautiful Nashville .

For example , in the northeast of the park ( complementary to individual resources ) , homeowners should design the model of Zen garden ( Japanese garden ) with beautiful stones . Additionally , southeast Garden ( Supplementary fortune , prosperity ) , east ( health , family ) , north ( career and career ) are suitable for the shaping of the water element . Homeowners should also hang wind chimes , fountains installed … to provide context , sound and fresh new colors , peace for the family .

4 . Selecting the location for the house image

When building or buying a new home , homeowners should choose the ground so fertile , flat ( or ground after the ground is higher than the front ) , the surrounding lush vegetation . The left side of the house should be a little lower than the right house to get assistance and prosperity .

In addition, the area is considered the land of feng shui is square or rectangular . The land consists of triangles or small pieces very hydrophobic compound in feng shui , because they make homeowners consumable assets . A lake or pond meticulously cared for great door in .

5 . Location of feng shui for the tree prior to

Overall, the tree house to the front is not always followed in a feng shui agency . If the distance between the house and the tree is large enough to create an open space , and green for the tree is highly recommended .

However, homeowners should pay attention to the direction of the tree than the house . Trees to the left side ( looking from inside out ) is considered to be very good , because it helps to draw the home energy zenith . And the tree is opposite or to the right will cause the whole house energy imbalance or interrupt the absorption of energy and creates air attack resources for home and family members .

6 . Position window

In feng shui , the window of the eye called the house and it is directly related to the quality of life of the entire family members . The iron and steel bars outside the window is not good feng shui in the house .

However, for security reasons , but you still have family installed , please note the following points to increase oxygen to the house . Inside the house , be arranged so that the air barrier and the light from outside unimpeded , obscure . Outside the house , you can put small flower pots or ornamental plants for cold tolerance raw energy of the metal bar .
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