Avoid the risk of being fired by feng shui workplace

According to Feng Shui , a good place to work not only not affect the development of your career that can even lead to the risk of causing you to be fired . Here are some guidelines you should follow to ensure his career has always been strong .
– Do not sit in a position facing the door, if not will be energy and flow of outside air rushes into the room to affect students ‘ thinking or illness , affect the performance of you .

file.264658 Avoid the risk of being fired by feng shui workplace

– The seat should not turn away from the door or walkway , there should be the fulcrum , which would otherwise cause mental fatigue , can not concentrate on their work , long gradually affects work and health .

– Before seats were not close to the wall , if not will cause the pressure of work .

– Previous work best seats should not allow free passage , if not will affect the psychological , in addition to affecting work because dispersion concentration .

– Seats are not facing the toilet door , if not to inhale too much because unclean odor that affect health .

– There are seats should not have hand sink by water flowing through the air will affect , and can unbalance the nervous system .

– There are seats should not work for a large trash or miscellaneous belongings . Stay away from the impurity gases are the lucky new sand can benefit to you .

file.264659 Avoid the risk of being fired by feng shui workplace

– The seat is not too dark or without windows , the light is too weak , will cause ” sounds too heavy gas ” , leaving passengers that become pessimistic , negative attitude , aversion to work .

– Seats do not face the kitchen . Kitchen is the source of firearms , if nearby will affect the nervous system and psychological , will also affect the ability of the human mind .
( According Xzone )

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