Bedroom , how to feng shui where ?

To the bedroom is really paradise for you to rest and relax after a tiring day of work , you need to know how to improve transport theory applications to select the appropriate color , layout reasonable living things . ..

Not mystical Feng shui – bedroom plays a very important role in increasing vitality , to affect a lot of sand hung , graphics happy … Because bedroom is the most used place in a home . Applying for the bedroom or overlooked , as often people only focus on the kitchen layout problems , the direction …

If the application knows the feng shui elements in the bedroom decor will help owners of luck and favorable work , advocacy and resources to fruitful peace .

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Dark warm , romantic

One of the principles that you need to ” by heart ” when embarking decorated nest cavity is how to retain the flavor sweet and romantic .

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the color of all the elements in the space , your room , from walls to the interior decorations . Often the cold wall colors or cold sensation , dark color will be easier to make homeowners and their depressed mood , always nervous system depressants should be frequent quarrels erupted . So you should avoid using colors to decorate it for cavity nest . Halftone most appropriate place to go for the newly married couples are warm colors , warm red, pink , orange …

According to the concept of oriental feng shui , red , pink, two colors symbolize perfect happiness , lasting love and sublimation in conjugal life . We are the tones vitality is considered symbolize love , happiness and lasting dearly .

And yet , here is the ” senior weapons ” to light a fire for married life of the newly married couple , not only in the AM for more excitement but also gives a sense of calm , pleasant .

If there is a strong personality and is immersed in love , then you should choose red to decorate his nest . This color is always associated with power , regal , of course, no lack of room for romance . It is no coincidence that people tend to use red color to decorate the house in order to luxury homeowners expressionless , his power .

However, if you abuse the red to decorate the space will create long-term psychological stress , tired easily . You should ” fire down ” to less features red and brilliant neon color by mixing with white . The white lines softened lose sight of brilliant people looked and seemed a little more captivated by the purity of white .

Particularly pink , the color here is soft, gentle , bring something feminine and romantic . You ‘re looking for a gentle but evoke intense emotions and a burning passion , the color does not have more of this color . It gives the nest couple of seductive elegance . This sexy color coordinated with the cool colors like turquoise , cream nuggets , green and white not only relax but also work to create a comfortable living space , youthful personality .

file.338141 Bedroom , how to feng shui where ?

If your bedroom wall color is cream color , you should choose a pale yellow bedspread or slightly darker , patterned dark cream color , pillow lines to pale yellow , the same color terminal blankets . Curtains can be who or pink flowers floating on white background . When buying blankets pillows , you must select the products are similar in color to the bedroom wall and curtain . Most fertile curtains , patterned in white or green light . Opaque white lampshades , flower may white or apricots .

Bustling poetry with pictures, photos

Bedrooms are always spaces need to be cared about most . Because this is the incubator for long -term happiness . The current trend is that people decorate your bedroom with these kind of pictures . These ” weapons because” it adds poetic bedroom . However, the arrangement of pictures in the bedroom need to be careful , of feng shui . Use a picture in your bedroom wisely will bring the feng shui energy strong .

According to feng shui experts , the works of artwork in the bedroom is to select the photos that you want to see happen in your life . Hanging paintings tone fit walls will be perfect coordination so that you can create an impressive space .

With wide bedroom has space to display furniture, wall shelves you can use living things to increase vitality . To improve the emotional problems of spouse, you should put in a room separate pot plants or green plants year round . If the plants are so frequent water changes , so will bring a new breath of life , change is a bad situation , helping more emotionally strong .

file.338142 Bedroom , how to feng shui where ?

Remember when the vase furnished , double hyacinth vases … you try to have a twin pair . The layout objects that need to pay attention to the completeness , lucky and happy because things will affect the harmony of the family .

Lovely shelves decorated jardiniere or small bonsai small can make a pretty collection . Also, use some sort artwork to measure can also create decorative effects quite well for bland walls .
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