Bring good luck to the business office with 10 ” secrets “

That is something that any business owner or the business room there is a desire .

file.345157 Bring good luck to the business office with 10  secrets

1 . Computers are indispensable equipment in the office . However, if the office has too many computers will lead to frustration, as people become more tempered , irritability , difficulty concentrating spirit . Reconciliation is as simple as placing a beaker containing water side , because effects of water aid , Kim ‘s solutions reduce computer calculation . After doing this would be that sober minds , the mood was peaceful , relaxed .

2 . If the front area or near your seat toilets should be placed a potted leafy green into place between you and the toilet . Bonsai pots can neutralize the disinfectant air escaping from the toilet , and prevent the bad influence from you .

3 . If you are a leader and have a private office , not to pick seats that cut through the doors you . Can you afford not resist the energy flow direction from the entrance . It should not sit back turned to the door . You may be teased or rear , no favors .

Sitting in this position , the field itself will gradually be lost , and air transportation would not mind keeping stability . So sit back against the wall and turned to the door . Do not sit behind your back that is blank , no walls .

If you work with colleagues in a room that you are managing , so choose a location where you can observe all staff . If you cut through the door should be dissolved by a smoke screen to prevent the gap between where you sit and doors .

4 . Avoid sitting or sleeping under the crossbar . If conditions do not allow that you do not have another choice , should resolve by placing a table lamp in a position just below the rafters . So often turn on the lights to reduce the adverse air can come with you .

5 . In his office to avoid hanging the pictures nature agitated , violent , dark , heavy or too gaudy colors . Just hang the picture content or simply gently , may be the natural picture . As a businessman, you can hang the pictures that you considered idols , those shining example that you want to follow.

6 . In his office is a bookshelf should have . Bookshelves have as many books as possible . Book a face to your search , reference and leisure reading . On the other hand the book also provides you with good airflow , making your mind awake , lucid , help you have more ideas , strange .

7 . Advises entrepreneurs to plant trees in the home and balcony . House plants and trees should choose to live in conditions little sunlight . Green tree leaves can prevent dangerous weapons and absorb the energy of heaven and earth to radiate the room , bring many health benefits and wisdom for you .

However, you should keep in mind to avoid planting trees with small leaves , conifer needles , pointed leaves . These trees are often absorbed source of energy is not good for you and your office .

8 . Rooms need to work in the morning. Have enough light . If there is natural light , sunlight as possible . Natural light always gives you comfortable , healthy and active . Sunlight is very important and gives you health and good spirits .

If conditions permit, you can not have a workplace natural light , be bright enough to light a bulb . If your bulbs should be replaced immediately caught fire , do not let the lack of room light .

9 . Color wall of the office for business should choose light colors . If large room the better .

10 . If the office should be large enough to hang more paintings hydraulic , wooden statues , stone or copper . If more can be mounted on a large fountain . This helps you create cool feeling , relaxing , pleasant , reduce frustration , temper .

Also, many business people use quartz sphere -table to increase positive work atmosphere , and air combat sounds miasma .
( According Motthegioi )

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