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The offerings should he , when he Apples ?

The apples he offered him the incense at the altar and burn incense in the kitchen ? So cozy morning , afternoon or evening ? Let the carp in the kitchen or outdoors ? Nguyen Thanh Ha ( Thanh Cong , Hanoi ) According to feng shui experts Cuong Pham , in his The Apples

New Year , decorated with the auspicious cord to smoking luck

Wiring is very auspicious to many users , especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year . Wire the sand wall types and different colors but mostly red – a symbol of good luck . Wire the sand wall is one of the items that are commonly used in traditional Chinese feng shui .

Select the direction of the main door to the house to pick fortune 2014

According to experts dowsing Nguyen Ngoc Son , Director of Institute of Bioenergy Vietnam , the main door of a house is the outward symbol for separation in space and beyond . It is the main road to take , resulting airflow from outside to inside. ” Her large size and the ” rules ”

Conflict mediation five elements of yin and yang for couples

My husband was born in 1957 , son born in 1984 . So two years old on or provided under the provision Doai Ly.Con son is in love with her I was born in 1987. Q: Does this have the same two -year-old does not ? Dang Thi Loi ( No. 35 , Ho Tung

Choose the leading open year

Q: I was born in 1954, my first full moon of the newly opened restaurant . So please ask , I open every age at the end of the month there is not , because the items I sell are not necessarily open in the first month of the year ? When opening the restaurant

The best age for the home ground for 2014 ?

I was born in 1963 to 2014 to build a house to stay . But as far as I know , the old quarter of next year Mao was committed to Tai Tam term . So I had to borrow another person’s age to help is not groundbreaking . Q: What age is good for

Is it possible to build a leap year?

Q: This year is a leap year . I heard housing , home purchase as well as leap year leap year brings prosperity , no enough ? – Nguyen Van Ha ( Ha Noi ) . Reply to : Mr. Nguyen Duc Ward , an expert in astronomical research – the universe , Hanoi National