Feng shui in the home

Bedroom layout taboo after the altar

One of feng shui taboos and traditions of folk bedroom should not arrange behind the altar, Buddhist worship sites , Ancestors . One of feng shui taboos and traditions of folk residence is not in front of or behind the deity shrine itself . That means that in the house , the bedroom should not

Sleep well by putting the right feng shui bed

Together topics : Feng Shui Bed Bed preparation for marriage wedding aesthetic complacency 7 basic steps to bring good feng shui bedroom Place the correct position under the bed feng shui will help scientists sleep and bring many benefits in terms of our health . The owner of what is set out in the direction

For the feng shui bedroom

People spend about 30% of the time sleeping in a lifetime . So , the bedroom also occupies an important position in the dominant sleep , and affect air transportation good , bad in the house. Bedroom is the word ” all ” in the subject – Apples – Assume that we want to introduce

Bedroom , how to feng shui where ?

To the bedroom is really paradise for you to rest and relax after a tiring day of work , you need to know how to improve transport theory applications to select the appropriate color , layout reasonable living things . .. Not mystical Feng shui – bedroom plays a very important role in increasing vitality

These items should abstain in the bridal chamber

The following 8 items are considered a symbol of negative energy , directly influence the emotions and lives of the spouses if placed in the bridal chamber . Since long , the bridal chamber is always meant the beginning of the marriage happy couple . So how to decorate this room there are many things

How to Choose Bed with feng shui ?

In fact, a bunk bed with feng shui extremely simple , not fussy like to think of many people . You refer to the following tips to have a small bed good for your health ! Bed furniture is the most important in human life . This may sound a bit big but it’s completely

Modern Bathroom and feng shui notes

Should be arranged in the direction of data bathroom , avoid overlaps put towards good ( good not to affect the stars good luck in the land of ) … Although not located in the core of the house , the bathroom very important role for your health and spirit . Please join us to