Feng shui bathroom

These items should abstain in the bridal chamber

The following 8 items are considered a symbol of negative energy , directly influence the emotions and lives of the spouses if placed in the bridal chamber . Since long , the bridal chamber is always meant the beginning of the marriage happy couple . So how to decorate this room there are many things

Modern Bathroom and feng shui notes

Should be arranged in the direction of data bathroom , avoid overlaps put towards good ( good not to affect the stars good luck in the land of ) … Although not located in the core of the house , the bathroom very important role for your health and spirit . Please join us to

How to neutralize the negative direction for the bathroom

The feng shui bathroom decor is very important because it is closely related to the health of people living in the house . Here is the layout style bathroom according to Feng Shui and how to avoid reconciliation. 1 . If bath home located in the north or northeast demon known as Hau subjects may

Note on Feng Shui for Modern Bathrooms

The bathroom layout suits getaway will help you regain refreshing after a hard working day . airy The proper way to breathe in fresh air will help preserve good health . Therefore, you should note window adjustment system for the construction of wind flow bathroom , or run the exhaust fan . scent A small

Feng shui bathroom and toilet

The support area includes toilet or bathroom so hung coordinates , direction of sand , that is placed in the same direction toward good and bad . This will bring prosperity to the family welfare . Bathrooms should be put in a bad direction , data , overwrite avoid putting fresh direction . Feng shui

The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill

  Interested to feng shui your bathroom will help renewable energy , wellness holistically … The rhythm of modern life that we have little time to relax . And the bathroom is one of the rare place that can help you temporarily leave the world around him to ” do for us alone .” That

Modern bathrooms also need feng shui

Many concepts that toilet ( toilet ) is a bad area , can destroy good feng shui in the home. But , this is not the whole story . According to feng shui , toilets and bathrooms can actually solve a lot of problems . Furthermore, no one wants to live in a house with