Feng shui kitchen

Feng shui kitchen good fortune to welcome new year

According to feng shui , besides the bedroom, the kitchen is one of the most important areas related to the family fortune . From centuries , have enough food is a sign of wealth and financial prosperity . This remains true to this day . When energy is beneficial kitchen , the family members gathered

Kitchens Northwest : incalculable dangers

Northwest is the worst place for the kitchen because it can cause serious damage to the man living in the house or the pillar of the family . According to feng shui , the kitchen plays a very important role for the house , especially the kitchen cooking placement . Because the kitchen is a

Many elements of metal will cause cold kitchen

In feng shui , a space is considered to be the ideal balance of five elements , not so bent on a certain issue . Kitchen is one of the important space of the family , should be taken to avoid multiple needle out kitchen becomes colder . Previously consultants red kitchen tiles would not

Sort the opposition elements in feng shui kitchen

The kitchen represents two opposing factors in feng shui : water ( dishwashing sinks ) and fire ( stove ) . Therefore, you should arrange water system and positively kitchen together , or paired mismatches but bring balance to the kitchen space . The balance in the kitchen space To arrange a kitchen , you

Kitchen door in the right place prone to conflict

According to feng shui , the kitchen if put to the right of the main entrance (by direction from the outside into the house ) will easily cause conflict among family members together . Gas energy accumulated here over time can cause hatred , rarely encouraged in the family , especially if the family is

” Edit ” feng shui kitchen to avoid bad luck

According to feng shui , the kitchen is the “heart of the house ” , a place to keep their nest and care from the physical to the spirit of everyone in the family . Kitchen is one of the most important room of the house and feng shui kitchen is also very difficult to

For kitchen design with feng shui

Cooking area mean nourish and sustain life , bringing wealth and prosperity . When designing the kitchen , in addition to trend pretty modern need of feng shui . People always have the energy exchange with the surrounding environment . If the kitchen has a good atmosphere , the spirit of feng shui , the