Feng shui living room

Tea table layout according to feng shui living room

Tea table and sofa becomes the center point in the living room space . This is not only where the family gather , gather , but also space to host welcomes guests to play . Therefore, feng shui for this area is very much interested . According to feng shui principles , the sofa is

To attract the best room air , gas assets

Living room is a place of convergence and vitality decisions homeowners find you support or not , should be a quiet , stable , not to the living room into the way too many people pass by , turn their harassment . Comments by visitors to the house through the main living room . A

Living and the characteristics of the

Question: The direction of suicide is five demons … how disgusting so why listen ? Professionals can specify the direction of each face hell good bad or not ? Also, in the middle of the living room , why ? Thank you ! Le Thuy ( thuyle1209 @ … ) reply First, each face monsters

happy couple pulled through feng shui

Small changes in the home can also bring you luck and salt concentration than in love . 1 . Open the front door All energy , including romance flowing into your house through the main door , so be open more often to receive love . If you want to search for a new love

Feng shui is perfect for living room

Living room is often considered the most important space in the house , where the family’s main living space and is in the center of the house. So , nice living room and feng shui is the top priority when shui interior for the entire house . Feng shui living room is considered to be

Decorate the living room feng shui Tet

According to feng shui , vitality location of the house is the living room , focus on the angular position of the main door crossover . To increase air transportation , bonsai should be placed to support the operation of the home world , particularly in the New Year . In the layout of the