Chemistry prize for the rider lands

Sometimes a house inevitable monuments factors considered in terms of feng shui , especially the smallest details even more difficult to notice . Here are a few ways to make your house monuments to reduce their home .

If you have trees or poles to create doorstep hung indoors or close to making the illness is not peace. Or doorstep on high sugar , sugar also creates hang hung close Bagua mirror should be hung at the entrance to neutralize .

Housing is a crossroads for trade facilitation , however that only those with the bowls themselves with the new intersection is not affected , while others hung by the observation that this land or in mood of insecurity .

Doorstep column high voltage or high voltage wire passing is also a police assault affects people in home health . This is not only a scientific concept of feng shui , but it has been scientifically proven .

file.366662 Chemistry prize for the rider lands

The land is situated between the crossroads and was stabbed in a street in feng shui known as direct pulse . Opposite way as long and as much vehicular travel , the more hung painting .

Doorstep flyovers are only good when left for home because according to feng shui concept is positioned to the left and Dragon bridge it was ” flying dragon ” . If the bridge is located on the right side is at a disadvantage.

If the door looking the slot formed by two university buildings as well as a spectacular two buildings create wind slits are hung close that God called geomancy Police station . In this situation , the home to all blood or infected horse should be put at the door to break the contract .

Residential neighborhood should not have column tuner , antenna mast because it interfered with the magnetic field in the region affect human health . Near the river pollution is also not good . Calvary is a faces the river as smelly cesspool valve rises daily health will affect homeowners .

If the light -reflecting mirror of the buildings in your home , it is called reflective observation . It makes homeowners in trouble and prone to car accidents . In this situation should be placed at the door of wood and lake lots Bagua mirror hanging to resolve .
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