Choose items that account for office blessing

Feng shui office is quite a lot of interest with the desire for financial well-being . Can decorate the office with items bearing auspicious symbols for good luck .

file.366113 Choose items that account for office blessing

1 . Bank Long : Long name of the bank is silver coins circulated late Qing Dynasty . On the currency side carved dragon . According to , to generate prosperity in the office , so presentation currency dragons on the left side of the altar .

2 . Jade : Jade ‘s ancient jade square , in the middle of a hole to round hole circle symbolizing the sun was a square piece of jade symbolize the earth . According to the concept of feng shui , the harmony between heaven and earth will bring fortune for office . Bank shares also like Ngoc Long , should not present himself that should display on the right of the altar to pray resources .

3 . Jade : Jade is jade blue circle . Jade is usually presented to the mental side Prosperity campaign finance . Can present a piece of jade in the left side of the gods , such as The Emperor , The Ming Dynasty , Liu Hai ‘s first , as the Avalokitesvara ( as the handle sticks ) , Guan Yin Bao Chau ( yellow pearl handle ) …

4 . The bat : In Chinese, words just can bat the same way from being read , so gas bats being shown . Bats are considered lucky animals , good as it looks a lot like mice .

5 . Bach Costume : This is a word picture , the picture can write 100 word report with different spellings , called the costume department ( painting station ) . This painting can bring happiness in the air for the office staff .

6 . Giraffe : In Chinese, from only deer sounds like from reading fortune , so the deer shaped items are suitable to display in the office bring luck and fortune . About paintings, people often draw a ” rat -being ” ( bats ) and a deer , meaning ” blessing duplex ” . There are also some outside painting paintings bats and deer , also drawing more people to take his picture Tho meaningful ” Phuc Loc Tho ” .

7 . Horn : For competitive industries is high, so hang in a buffalo horn offices to increase the strength and the will to strive .

8 . Painting words: Normally , paintings on the walls lowercase in the rear seat in the desks of employees or in the opposite wall hanging . They also should not hang too much controversy letters , if not will have the opposite effect , because the sight picture will be pulled , not being mentally focused when working .
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