Choose paint colors feng shui for the office of company

Choosing paint colors for office is extremely important because it directly affects the beauty and spirit of every person in the company . The choice of color is not just consistent with the employer’s old face , but the company must be based on the direction of the office .
The direction of the main office is based on the direction of the window . If the window then turned south then turning south office . Window , then turned north which turned north office … In feng shui , the main direction of the East , the South , the West , the North was known as the Quartet . The South East , South West , North West , North East Quartet called accidental . If it is determined in the right direction , you can choose the appropriate color for office .

1 . Office color scheme according to the directions

– Office turned east

Should choose yellow , orange is the dominant color . To the east of Jupiter , the Jupiter atmosphere where prosperity . According to the law of the five elements , Earth was created from Jupiter , which is the yellow color typical of the land . So , if the office turning east when selecting paint , wallpaper and sofa should choose colors yellow , dark or pale orange to attract vitality .

– Office turned west

To the west of the Five Elements of Metal , Metal where prosperity . Kim Wood Carving born talent. Which color blue is symbolic of Jupiter . So , if the office is coordinating this right colors will gain vitality . Furthermore, the office will be turned west afternoon sun shines on stiff . This will cause damage to the eyes . Thus , using gentle shades of green just to protect eyes .

– Office turned south

According to the Five Elements , south of Mars . So , if you want financial prosperity office , you should choose the paint color , wallpaper color and sofa color is white . Because white is the color that symbolizes Kim ( cold ) . South window but the wind picked up a cool South but the South which is where the Fire Lord . Therefore, should choose cooler colors can reduce heat effectively .

– Office turned north

To the north in the five elements of Water , where pneumatic -being . Cards depicting born talent. So , if you want financial prosperity office air north , then use colors red , purple and pink as decoration . Office turned north into the cold winter winds usually blow . So , do not choose cold colors like blue , gray and white .

2 . How to coordinate colors in arbitrary

file.267037 Choose paint colors feng shui for the office of company

– Southwest Office spin should not be too wide , choose white or yellow ground color to decorate coffee .

– Office of the Northwest rotation so wide , using multiple shades of green and floral decoration more .

– Office of the Southeast have turned bright ; should use multiple shades of white . If using dark colors will make the area more than half the work is not awake , lucid , especially men.

– Office turned northeast to use more than wooden or yellow colors , avoid selecting the office area is too narrow .
( According Xzone )

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