Choose sitting position working for development finance “boss “

In feng shui , the chosen direction , the office location for company executives will bring benefits to the development of the company. A reasonable seat , right way will help directors more power to the operating position , according to company management best practices .

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In view of , the ” one taste sensitivity direction .” With a single structure of the atmosphere , the seating position of the director ‘s best suited in supply by nature of the hexagram Qian Qian as commander , leader , head .

According to feng shui the gas structures , each house , office … are divided into 9 regions called ” Nine Palace ” ( 9 offers ) include : weight, arising, Doi , Kun , Zhen , Xun , Ly , mosaic .
This is a fixed supply which is equivalent to eight directions

However, the choice of sitting outside in also need to consider the elements still look good and evil gods . Sitting position of Director Duong Quy if there ‘s is the best, second best is Thien Loc , Thien Ma , if not then there must also be the best in providing supply 16 legendary scout not operate . If not get a good offer , but the offer said on Heaven Looks, University Police and the supply is not bad in the legendary 16 should also provide nor should it choose to do the sitting position of Director .
Sitting position of Director has an important role in the prosperity of the company

Sitting direction of the Director , based on scouting par of directors , if the biogas , electricity is the best year , gas Thien Y , Serving The good stuff is .

file.362574 Choose sitting position working for development finance boss

Also sitting position of Director must also located at the corner gas activities and facilitate the settlement of affairs .

Sitting position of Director should also avoid some taboo following :