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Q: I was born in 1954, my first full moon of the newly opened restaurant . So please ask , I open every age at the end of the month there is not , because the items I sell are not necessarily open in the first month of the year ?

When opening the restaurant should choose what criteria ?

Vu Hong An ( Ba Dinh District, Hanoi )

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According to feng shui experts Cuong Pham , Xuan Housing Corporation , the psychology of the Vietnamese , the leading open year always considered important because the concept ” head down , tail caught ” . The opening line should choose a good day and find people of every age to open .

Particularly for people born in 1954 Armor Horse is best to open every day of the year in January the Horse Armor . According to the lunar calendar , January is the month with the Tiger is the Horse . In addition, the opening of the first store to pick up a lot of gas sands in early spring last year .

Choosing open every day at the beginning, middle or end of the month is . Importantly it is a good day and age with the shop owner . For customers who choose criteria , apart from the age factor should be selected taking into account the widespread and earn better off . For all age Giap Ngo, two -year-old is best to choose the age of the Dog – 1946 or old tiger – 1986.
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