Choose whether you work in the direction of the Horse Armor 2014

Year of the Horse Armor 2014 promises to bring good luck to those with desk and nightstand turned westward .

This year , the West quad face two very good directions to choose from it’s West and South West , North West and should be avoided if possible, restrict use in the east . The verb par Less fortunate because there are no perfect choice . Depending on the year , you might consider choosing the South or North , trying to avoid the east and southeast .

The West quarterfinals par

– West is considered the best direction in 2014, where astronomers lucky star ( # 6 ) visits . The combination of five stars in star # 6 # 1 ‘s operation ( 2004-2024 ) also created complex Ha luck . Both of which are good signs , promises to bring luck to people with desk and bedside toward the West this year . This will be the optimal choice for people with hell 6 .

– Selection followed by Southwest , where star visited Victory # 1 . Can use this guide to activate career luck and love luck . Southwest luck associated with marriage , so single people looking for a mate can be arranged in the same southwest bedroom of the house to improve your emotional life . For those who have family in the bedroom can help improve your chances of having a baby . Southwest is the optimal choice for some people hell 8 .

– North West direction should be avoided in 2014 due to the five star Royal disasters shepherd # 5 , this star brings sickness , accidents and financial loss . But this year , Turkey ‘s energy Hoang Ngu weakened by the earlier part of the Northwest Kim ‘s supply , but still need to be careful because usually comes Ngu Hoang most pathetic tragedies . Northwest ‘s decision luck men is the father of the family or agency leadership , company . These people can face risks and fail if selected Northwest . If your work area northwest of the falls on supply house should be placed in the Five towers here and avoids noise .

– Northeast # 7 Violent Star was visiting , carrying the risk of armed robbery . The star was particularly strong in 2014 because of its out Kim was raised by issue of supply northeastern Turkey . So , it is best to avoid using a lot of time in providing watched Northeast or Northeast . If you absolutely must use this direction should increase wear identifiable Cards (black , charcoal ) and displays icons Rhinos and Elephants roll in here to minimize the harmful effects of star # 7 .

The verb clause

– Men are considered the best direction of the year , when the White Star Lucky Bat # 8 visits , this star bring money , success and happiness . It should be noted that feng shui trheo 2014, Thai Tue played in South 2 ( 172.5 degrees – 187.5 degrees ) , so to avoid violating Thai Property ( sat facing the gods ) , should not look to the South 2 which should select South 1 ( 157.50 to 172.50 ) and South 3 ( 187.50 to 202.50 ) . However, the South is not perfect because of years of close attention is in the North . As I sat looking about the South , you ‘re turning your back on iron plate and disaster can strike unexpectedly from behind . South will be the best choice for people with monster 3 .

file.356241 Choose whether you work in the direction of the Horse Armor 2014

– North is a good direction in 2014, when the future star Prosperity # 9 visits . This star brings wealth and advancement in career , helping the work done at the moment to bring success in the future . However, this year the North again adversely affected by Changing Break and close attention should be lucky to have part of decline . There is something comforting about sitting looking north ( face close attention ) that allows you to predict bad things . This could be a good option for people with hell 4 .

– East is the direction to Avoid in 2014 as the residence of the Black Star II # 2 , this star brings sickness and accidents . Fortunately, when flying in providing executive Eastern Jupiter , hostile power of Dark II ( executive Turkey ) has been reduced somewhat . Anyway should avoid sitting still looking toward this .

– SE is a bad direction to avoid in sewing , when # 3 flying star posters on here . This star brings conflict , misunderstanding , litigation . 3 stars particularly strong this year as its operating Jupiter is strengthened by provision out of Southeast Jupiter . So , if possible, should be avoided in this direction . If there is no other option then to apply the mediation star posters ( use the red items as carpets , curtains , wall paintings in red, purple , orange or turn on a red light at Southeast Supply of the house , the room you are using ) .

East and West quarter- quarter- par par

believe that the best way to increase good fortune is to choose the direction and positioned to the desk Statistics , Statistics bed , sitting selected direction when important things … These efforts help increase received a good amount of air time from space and surroundings . Based on the lunar calendar year of birth and gender , calculate the number of each monster , and thereby infer the verb group you belong fate or destiny to choose manually from the appropriate direction .

According to feng shui concept , the West quarterfinals destined always lucky and happier than when using the azimuthal direction and ( room location , housing , city , country … ) heading west ( West , Northwest , Southwest and Northeast ) . For them all azimuth directions and heading East ( North , South , East , Southeast ) are not so lucky .

Similarly , the verb clause also benefit from the azimuthal direction and heading east , and vulnerable when using the azimuthal direction and heading West .

Each person has 4 good directions should choose ( Revitalising , Thien Y , Nien Dien and Recovery Position , which is considered Revitalising the best direction ) and 4 bad directions should be avoided ( Hoa Hai , Lu observation , demons and Cool Five it is a suicide clause in the worst direction ) .

However, this does not mean that when you consider gas can also be the best option . This is due to factors outside space , feng shui also affected by the time factor ( depending on the movement of the crystal Africa ) . All the azimuthal direction and are influenced by the change of energy per year , requiring updates to be the optimal choice . If your direction Revitalising adversely affected the savior ( the Five Yellow Star , Black II , Seven posters and Chain ) or Spirit Damage ( Thai Tue , iron plates , Tue Lagoon ) in the use of this approach not only not bring good luck , but also can bring disaster.

In other words , the good of each relative direction only , they are not fixed but constantly changing through the years . Furthermore, it is assumed that the crystal Africa ( the time factor ) affect the good and bad of each direction than the direction calculation according to the number of monsters . So , when preparing the new year , we must reconsider whether you choose the direction , with bed … for the next year ( year is calculated from the date of 4/2 of the calendar year to 3 / 2 years after the calendar ) . The monster under the direction of a good number of the monuments but committed in direction are not considered good and should be avoided .

It should be noted that the worse is always based on some monster bad your direction , even if under the Chargeback of year is a good direction .

file.356242 Choose whether you work in the direction of the Horse Armor 2014

Here is the information needed to seek good and bad of each birth year .

Table monster number lookup birth year

Choose some good direction according to hell

Note: Men can fuck as the No. 5 pick direction can fuck # 2 , 5 female monster who choose direction as hell 8 .

file.356243 Choose whether you work in the direction of the Horse Armor 2014

Interpreted from :

– Born gas : Attractive fortune , fame , promoted the resource development

– God Health : Improving the health , longevity .

– Electric Youth : Strengthening family relationships , love .

– Restoration status : Strengthening the mental strength , bring their own progress , good luck on exams .
( According )

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