Conflict mediation five elements of yin and yang for couples

My husband was born in 1957 , son born in 1984 . So two years old on or provided under the provision Doai Ly.Con son is in love with her I was born in 1987.

Q: Does this have the same two -year-old does not ?

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According to feng shui experts Cuong Pham , a male born in 1957, the crown of the head and a man born in 1984 , Giap Ty are non- supply is Doai – West quarter- par according to the opinion of scouts must turn ever . However, now there are some new findings of researchers such as Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh when interchanging between consuming – Wise , Ly – Doai . Par 1957 , 1984 count as non- provision Band – East Quartet par .

Regarding the concerns of homeowners in child marriage . In our opinion , considering the five elements of yin and yang of his son born in 1984 , Giap Ty and his girlfriend 1987, Ding Mao : On the stems , born to Dinh Hoa Moc Giap , good . At address , the Rat Rabbit relatively good shape should not really . In terms of par , par Giap Ty bearing needle bearing Mao Ding Shui par ( in view of the Spring ) , good hydraulic alloy . Taken together we found this old case , can be married .

According to Li perceptions of Eastern mysticism , there are some incompatibilities age , even greater conflict . However, not so that the couple separated . Our Viewpoint ” love is married .” The conflict of the five elements of yin and yang of the couple will be dissolved by the way what is in their marriage . Get married , then his wife will have children , the children with the five elements of yin and yang balance guardian or increased conflict , the year thus reasonably calculated to give birth.

For example , water, fire face parental conflicts , the birth year carpentry and joinery carpentry to support aquatic fire help resolve conflicts on five elements including …
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