Decor bedroom according to Feng Shui for young couples

Not just a place to sleep after a day of work stress and fatigue , the bedroom is and incubates space helps stoked the flames of a warm happy family . Hence the bedroom layout , you should pay attention to all the elements from the room location , bed light … to the decoration .

– Position Bed is best looked upon under the direction of the North and South of magnetic attraction . First look to the south or north when sleep is good for health

According to feng shui concept , located in the west bedroom house is beneficial for improving and fostering feelings of conjugal life .

– Bedroom door should not face the kitchen door to prevent contamination of kitchen smoke .

– Early to bed is against the wall with such air transportation of new homeowners platform to develop , not falling into isolation or take refuge .

Regardless of the bed placed everywhere to give light to the sun shining through the window to the bed side bedroom or bedroom door . This is great for absorbing the energy of nature and beneficial to human health .

– There should be no beams above the bed to avoid lying in bed not feeling squeezing mental harm . Air conditioning , and avoid Chandeliers hang just above the bed.

20130812025233464 Decor bedroom according to Feng Shui for young couples

– The bed should not face the bedroom door . When standing at the bedroom door to look inside , regardless if that bed is the bed , under the bed or between the bed and fell into the case of a direct reference pulse (opposite ) to bed .

– Do not get miscellaneous items under the bed , so as not to dirty old clothes will do so detrimental to the mother and fetus .

– Do not place a mirror opposite the bed , if half the night awake , sitting up will easily be alarmed to see her reflection , a long time will cause self- deluding . The best mirror is mounted on the inside of the wardrobe in the bedroom .

20130812025234197 Decor bedroom according to Feng Shui for young couples
– One thing to note , you should not use bright red to paint the bedroom walls . Vibrant red just makes the human spirit more excited for highly irritated . People in excitement like that in the long run will be vulnerable to mental breakdown , cause psychological discomfort , hot-tempered .

Along with choosing colors , lighting is an important element in your bedroom . Because space is so quiet resting -bedroom unsuitable brightness with powerful lights , causing psychological stress , insecurity . Therefore, the best bedroom should choose soft glow lights , lamps sneezing effects of mental relaxation after a tiring working day .

– Do not display swords , weapons , statues or altars in the bedroom … affecting the stable environment of peace bedroom .

Limit decorated bedroom with metal objects by metal utensils should not like cold nature with cozy , quiet bedroom needs .
( According Xzone )

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