Decorate the living room feng shui Tet

According to feng shui , vitality location of the house is the living room , focus on the angular position of the main door crossover . To increase air transportation , bonsai should be placed to support the operation of the home world , particularly in the New Year .

In the layout of the house, the living room has the most important position . Living room is the most interesting space in the Tet holidays . When arranged tables and chairs in this room , outside factors shape or size , you have to pay attention to the living room feng shui elements .

It should be noted chairs in the room should not oriented layout turned out the main door , on the contrary , should the sitting position facing the door to house guests feel welcome . People sit in this position was not startled when someone suddenly entered the house .

file.348557 Decorate the living room feng shui Tet

Living Room necessarily create intimate atmosphere , harmony and unity . Circle in feng shui symbol for harmony , unity , so as decorative objects have circular design will support more effective peace . If tables and chairs are not ” round ” , try to soften the sharp corners by spreading towels or put around your plants …

So pick a place based seat back or in soft armchair . The style of this chair provides a double protection , support for the sitting . Avoid table is too close to air can flow easily . Furniture should choose bright colors , bring abundant sense of vitality for the new year .

Do not hang beast form , displaying weapons ( sword ) in the living room , especially the holiday . Paintings to hang in the living room is the best marine paint paintings , flowers, green grass , crane , phoenix … is the auspicious symbol of prosperity . If gas averages in the living room will make the house laden killing . If the owner wants to hang picture of a tiger , eagle … to protect the scouts , they must pay attention towards their head out the door . Do not let their heads back inside to prevent them returning to the threatened his family .

The ceiling of the living room so pale because according to feng shui the living room ceiling symbolizes the sun , the floor represents the earth . The color of the ceiling to the floor while the light colored darker to match meaning ” sun light , heavy soil ” . Colors in the living room leading meaningful , effective regulation of all colors in the house . The color of the living room to match the orientation of the room . Paint the walls in the living room all the dexterity to be done with the living room light becomes brighter can bring prosperity to the family luck .

The layout of the living room with view to the east door is ideal . The large household items located in the south heavy , the space in the west is the most reasonable .
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