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According to feng shui , the kitchen is the “heart of the house ” , a place to keep their nest and care from the physical to the spirit of everyone in the family .
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Kitchen is one of the most important room of the house and kitchen is also very difficult to design . Kitchens express your family’s lifestyle and more clarity than any other room .

This is where preparation and storage of food . Food is the main source for the health of the whole family and the chef should always calm and focused , if not , the food will not be delicious .

Best location according to feng shui kitchen is east or southeast . Accordingly , you can wake up with the sun each day . The southbound kitchen should contain elements such as headings Turkish stone floor or a few stone bowls to balance the Mars group elements . The water element is very suitable to decorate in here .

If you can see when they walk into the kitchen , everyone in the house you are thinking of eating, fridge always in a clean condition and people are always hungry .

Some feng shui tips for the kitchen :

– Feng shui kitchens are clean , airy and tidy . Wealth and health will not come and stay in a dirty kitchen . Completely remove the stuff you do not use . To facilitate good air circulation currents convenience should keep surfaces clean and clear . Do not leave dirty dishes around the kitchen rampant . Fold up kitchen equipment like kettle , coffee maker , toaster … against the wall after use .

– Make sure the water piping system and drainage works correctly and out of sight .

– Always cook with good mood , happy and comfortable . If you do not feel fun to cook , consider going to eat outside.

– The electronics and stoves are performing well , not malfunctioning .

– The kitchen should be a mirror . Without a mirror , you can hang a few landscape paintings on the wall instead.

The minimum area of a kitchen is 8m2 .

– If the kitchen is in the living room needs two areas separated by furniture , trees or the legal procedure designed floor as different floor levels .
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– Each household may only have a single ” heart of the house ” . Two kitchens are only used when either is temporary , such as an outdoor kitchen in the summer holidays .

– If you do not want to lost money , keep the stove and oven clean always .

– All knives and scissors should be stored so that the tip facing down or out of sight .

– Be sure to collect and empty garbage daily .

– You can use these bright colors in the kitchen . The colors are strong , pure directly related to positive energy . Therefore, if your kitchen is to use light colors , pastel colors , add in a few bright accents to attract positive energy .

– A reflective surface behind the stove lets you observe anyone entering the kitchen or do you in the back while cooking or not . So hang a wind chime or other sound-producing product at the door .

The sharp objects like knives … should be stored in the secret place , it may be in your kitchen cabinet drawer .

– In the kitchen always happen the ” conflict ” between the two elements of water and fire . Oven , stove , microwave , toaster … represent fire . Sink , refrigerator , washing machine , dishwasher, … represent the country . You can set the oven and sink in the same wall , but they must be separated by a surface of minimum size is 45cm .

– If you can eat in the dining room . Avoid eating in the kitchen because the positive energy here is not good for digestion . If there is no separate dining area is marked by eating nook kitchen cabinets or other furniture and colors used as well as soft materials .

– According to feng shui , the kitchen should have these items represent the five elements Metal , Wood , Water , Fire, Earth .

– Type spotlights are ideal for kitchens because they do not create shadows .

– Do not use glass material to make the kitchen door . Replaced with frosted glass would be better .

– Kitchen doors should not lie on a straight line with the front door or the back door because it can cause illness and loss of money. The door should not be in the kitchen and a bedroom wall . Kitchen door should not form a straight line with the front door and windows to keep the air moving so fast in the house . Keep the door closed when the stove is always in or create barriers with furniture , large pots of bonsai …

Refrigerators should not be placed on the wall opposite the kitchen door . The best location is on the left or
right door .

– Kitchen is a cooking area , a pet can eat and drink in the kitchen but the toilet is not here.

– Bathrooms and toilets should not be arranged near the kitchen , because it causes conflicts between water and fire . In addition, there are a few issues related to health .

– The noise of the kitchen equipment , food containers are dirty , risks from the use of cleaning chemicals and chemicals used in food industry … are happy and reduce your feelings .

– The kitchen is never to take place where quarrels .

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– Try not to spend too much time in the kitchen . Prepare food and enjoy it in the dining room or kitchen table area .

– Avoid using neon lamps light energy because it is cold and sometimes flashing mode can make you a headache .

– If a bedroom above the kitchen, make sure bed not placed directly on the stove . This can cause a number of diseases such as colds , infections , cough , headache … If you can not move the bed, placed a silver metal plate under the bed , turned down the shiny surface . Sheet metal must be large enough to protect the head and chest of the person lying on the bed .

You can put a few bowls / pots filled metal water on the stove at night . Bright metal surfaces symbolize water will extinguish the fire .

Feng shui in the kitchen furniture :

– The surface of the kitchen should have rounded edges . The sharp edges are evaluated is not good feng shui for the kitchen . Too many sharp edges that can lead to tension between people . Sharp edges are usually problems . Edge of the kitchen equipment , knives , kitchen cabinets … ” emit ” energy discomfort .

– Cooking stove , sink and refrigerator should form a triangle . It avoids the conflict between the elements of fire and water and allows you to easily move between the three most important places in the kitchen . The water and fire elements should be separated by a different surface , at least from 45-60 cm . Put a lush potted workshop , a fresh fruit basket or a wooden cutting board in between the stove and the sink .

It should be used to design natural wood kitchen surface .

– Cooking stoves should be cleaned daily .

– Try to design the soft curves in the kitchen .

– Furniture of the worst in the kitchen cabinets are high on the wall because it is easy and it’s input .

– Set the dining room table in a position where everyone can observe the door .

– Cooking stove and oven should not be placed directly beneath skylights or windows for ventilation because it makes good energy food out.
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– Cooking stove , sink and dining table should not be placed under the beams , rafters . Hang a few ornaments on the beam , rafter as lights or bonsai .

– Refrigerator or locker door pressed on too high will impede the natural flow of good energy .

– Too much furniture will make you difficult to move and can cause accidents . If you have to bend down every time you open the refrigerator, you may want to avoid using it . But the food needs to be preserved so that the freshest , therefore, need home furniture layout convenient as possible .

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– The kitchen cupboards eye level too high can make you feel depressed for no observable inside . In this case , lower the height of kitchen cabinets or switch to the open shelves would be better .
( According to Eva )

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