Feng shui bedroom layout brings happy couple

Couples , especially newly married couples need to study bedrooms arranged so as to create harmony in married life .

Color scheme of the interior decorations are not just aesthetic reach , bring out the romantic , gentle , charming , but also to ensure the correct feng shui . By this criterion , the color pink is priority number one for couples . By pink symbolizes sweetness , mellow .
20131024012521168 Feng shui bedroom layout brings happy couple

Some people like to use red aura passionate and sexy , but feng shui advises not to use this color to decorate the room for red wedding capital of warm tones , easily lead to anxiety , long day that neurasthenia born discord , quarrel .

Do not bring real trees and flowers in the bedroom. In contrast , the fruit makes good sense , especially pomegranate . It is a symbol of the fullness .

Children should hang pictures and ripe fruit in the bedroom . Because , it carries symbolic significance for the outcome of the merger nice. In particular , avoid flower arrangement in the bedroom , especially peony .

Avoid placing Shui in the bedroom out , not put fish tank , washbasin . This will cause misunderstanding , discord not slept and slept . You can leave a bottle of water or a glass of water in the bedroom but should not hang paintings of lakes , rivers, streams and the sea in the room .

According to feng shui principles , the furniture piece in the home should not take too much heavy metal as the material will make the magnetic field perturbations affecting health . It is best to choose beds , wardrobes, tables and try to use wood , natural wood , no warping, durable .
20131024012521542 Feng shui bedroom layout brings happy couple

When should also be noted with bed , bed not facing the door , when sleep is not set foot out the door pointing a feeling of insecurity . Opposite the bed is not mounted mirror , dressing table and will sleep problems affect health .

Regardless of the bed placed everywhere to give light to the sun shining through the window to the bed side bedroom or bedroom door . This is great for absorbing the energy of nature and beneficial to human health .
( According Xzone )

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