Feng shui door and things to note

The main door is a special part of the house , feng shui meanings is important . So , you need to keep in mind when special door decoration for your home .

1 . What Not to obstacles in front

Homeowners should be aware of this characteristic because the front door is considered as the main way to absorb the good energy source for homes and family members . If something’s not hampered as trash , the old cracked pot scene has withered trees … all that energy flow is hindered . Always create an open space , tree-lined and no objects obstructing the front door of the house .

The average fresh flowers to bring home front more vitality , the cheerful house . Photo: Floral Therapist .

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2 . Caring door carefully

The main door is considered to absorb the oxygen source for the house. Therefore, the design and layout of the main door is extremely important . Before installing the main door , you should pay attention to the material of the door . Wooden doors are very good materials are encouraged in . The case of aluminum , iron or glass , then the owner should be planted or placed potted green energy to reconcile roughness of the metal . Also, please note hygiene hinges , so they are not rusty , no peeling paint doors or cracks , termites , door handles should be kept clean .

3 . Choose the appropriate door directions

One of the basic elements in the design of feng shui main door is towards the door , helped complementary energy source for homeowners prosperity . To determine the correct direction of the door , you can consult the feng shui master before designing your home or buying a new home . They will use feng shui compass points to find the most appropriate balance of yin and yang , then select the installation location for the house door .

4 . Choose the color and size of the feng shui

To choose the color and size of the government’s case, the owner should note two characteristics . First, the background color harmony with the color of the entire house , from bold colors to fade , the colors should not be too different . Second, the window size should be consistent with the rate of house , not too big or too small compared to the door and the side , easy to cause an imbalance to the whole house .

5 . Some other notes

For front door mats , you can choose any shape any disaster , from round to square or rectangular . Particularly , you should choose the color colors mean energy of the earth ( yellow ) , wood ( green, brown ) and water ( blue) .

You should not build a system side door directly opposite the main door , will make good energy consumed . Do not place in front of the big mirror , to create mixed gas for space around the house . Do not build the staircase opposite the main entrance , will make energy dissipates . Do not build the bathroom , toilet or just above the opposite door , will cause energy to be dry and somewhat weakened .
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