Feng shui is perfect for living room

Living room is often considered the most important space in the house , where the family’s main living space and is in the center of the house. So , nice living room and feng shui is the top priority when shui interior for the entire house .

Feng shui living room is considered to be pivotal in the feng shui of a house . So , if you want to improve , feng shui to decorate your house , start from the living room . It will be very pervasive and affects the feng shui of the rest of the house , the section is not reasonable or should be improved .

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For example , if the bedroom is located in the north of the house , a fountain will be a great item to improve the feng shui of the room . However, there are factors that ” hydro ” in the bedroom is a thing should not . Instead , add elements ” hydro ” in the northern corner of the living room . This will have the effect of replacing factor ” hydro ” in the bedroom and contributing to the feng shui of the entire house .

How to match room decor feng shui ?

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Think of yin-yang circle in the middle bagua – the ” extreme right circles .” This symbol fit any space in the house and depending on the size of the room , but you should choose a large or small icons .

For example , you can use a bagua great for the whole area of the house . A small bagua is consistent with the separate room in the house – such as the living room – or a smaller area such as a desk. Keep in mind that the living room , you should use a small bagua . In this way , immediately, feng shui of the entire house will be improved .

Note that , always be careful when considering feng shui and change accordingly to the living room .

For example , if your living room in the northwest corner of the house , it will not fit if you put the candles on the southern corner of the living room , because the element ” fire ” in the Northwest area of the house is inconsistent , causing a sense of insecurity . Instead, you can add a few red object , a potted plant , a vase of fresh would be more appropriate .

5 steps to improve the feng shui living room :

1 . Organize , decorate

In addition to family activities , the living room is a place to swap , chat , welcome . It embodies the elegance , the prosperity of the family . Living room is a place to keep important event memorable family . So arranged , the objects for decoration of feng shui is an essential and desirable .

Many rooms contain L-shaped structure is because L-shaped sofa or we accidentally put a sofa chair with double create a 45 degree angle . This often creates conflict and a feeling of discomfort can not explain in the room . Remember, the TV and the fireplace is not the focal point of a living room where people who are present in that room is what we pay attention .

Instead, arrange the sofa chair opposite the other . Do not worry , you can still highlight the fireplace and the television in the room . Moreover, you will create an atmosphere of love, harmony , help entwined relationship of the people in the room . More specifically , you will create room for more baking skills . So , let’s rearrange the sofa immediately if they are not appropriate .

2 . Add the red and yellow

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To the members of the family harmony and good relationships with each other , add red and yellow in your living room . That could be a red carnation vase or a yellow daisy flower vases . A pillow with red , yellow harmony is also a reasonable choice . Red and yellow create a sense of calm and prevent unnecessary conflict in the family . You remember that , add two colors in any public space in the room where the conflict occurs or , discord .

3 . View more photos feeling happy , fun

Please hang or display a few photos showing happy and fun of your family . This image can affect the whole feng shui house . Hang these pictures on the wall in the East will benefit family relationships . You can also display photos with feng shui specific meaning . For example , a photograph of a beautiful lake or waterfall pictures will suit hanging on the north wall , with a desire to improve the business and create new opportunities in life . A picture of the trees would be appropriate if you hang it in the east with the desire to promote cohesion and relationships , health and family .

4 . Add element ” positive ” for the living room

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Living room should be balanced between ” negative ” and ” positive ” . However, a little more ” positive ” or positive energy is also extremely beneficial . This can be done by painting one wall red highlights different from the other walls , or adding a chandelier or a moving object .

5 . Improved lucky corner in living room

Any angle in the room is the lucky corner ? That’s the opposite corner and cross the doors of the room . If this angle is in the southwest , west , northwest , southeast , or , put more into this corner a crystal vase , a bowl of gems , a beautiful vase or a globe . . .

If the lucky corner in the south or southwest , a high light poles located in areas that are extremely consistent . If the lucky corner in the north , add a fountain here . If it is located in the east or southeast , a fountain , an ornamental pot or a vase is a reasonable choice .

You can change and improve the feng shui in that area every year , but remember that check carefully before you make any changes .

6 . Changes and improvements annual feng shui living room

If the restroom is located in the eastern house and you want to decorate the feng shui of the room to the east with the desire to bring good luck or to create prosperity in the western corner feng shui , you do not put a ” money tree “a metal object or coin of China in the restroom area . Instead , put these items in the east or the west corner of the living room , this is much more appropriate .

If you have a laundry room in the southwest corner of the house , it can help eliminate the consumption and the negative energy in the room unnecessarily . To make sure the feng shui in your living room is always appropriate, thorough inspection and modification in person annually .
( According to Eva )

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