Feng shui kitchen good fortune to welcome new year

According to feng shui , besides the bedroom, the kitchen is one of the most important areas related to the family fortune . From centuries , have enough food is a sign of wealth and financial prosperity . This remains true to this day .

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When energy is beneficial kitchen , the family members gathered tend to prefer eating at home and as a result the relationship and better health . When the kitchen is not getting the benefit of energy luck of the whole family is affected .

The kitchen also affect the wealth and when used in a positive manner and in good condition can actually attract money luck .

If your kitchen has a slow down too long , messy , dirty serious to do it ” alive ” in any way . “How to live ” the kitchen will be invigorating for relationships , health and your fortune .

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1 . Create regular hygiene habits to improve wealth

One of the most important things you can do for it is to keep the kitchen clean and tidy . In particular, the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator are two areas that need to be cleaned more . Why ? So here is where the food – a symbol of wealth and health store .

Keep your refrigerator , kitchen cabinets are clean and tidy , you will improve your health by finding foods to prepare delicious meals faster . The rich will improve because you will not waste food because they can not figure out . Clean and fresh food is a symbol of abundance , prosperity . When you see some food to outside cupboard or fridge , arrange them and clean up that position .

2 . Cleaning before storing food

Optimal time to clean the fridge or cupboard before you store the food you have bought . Spend a few minutes to check everything in the fridge and took out the box , bottle , feeding bag over. Thus, your refrigerator will look more clean and neat , and kitchen cabinets would be very easy to find. This habit helps kitchen work becomes faster and easier, improve your health and your family .

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3 . Liberation kitchen surfaces to stimulate your life

This sounds somewhat strange , but when the surface kitchen filled with utensils , assorted bills , food dishes , old loaf or half-eaten bag of potato chips , it can not inspire cooking for you . Conversely , when you look at the surface airy kitchen , charismatic with fruit basket or potted green color , it will bring a feeling of excitement and want to be in the kitchen forever .

If you want to be inspired to cook more , do more good food and family gather together more then keeps kitchen surfaces neat . This paves the way for better energy flow spills into the kitchen and affect your entire life .

4 . Remove damaged items to prevent financial loss

Chipped crockery , pans abrasive … all carry negative energy with your food . And even if you replace chipped dishes with new furniture , do not forget to throw away old clothes immediately. Keep them thinking that ” still fine ” bad energy just makes kitchen cling only.

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5 . Hide the trash to prevent the loss of money , improve relationships

Energy flow generally toward the negative space , such as trash . If the first thing you see in the kitchen is filthy trash that you are seeing the energy loss . Food is used to energize and sustain the health of human beings , but as we always see the negative side of it , you can picture the health and relationships . It also symbolizes the food thrown away or lost money and insidious cause financial loss to you .

Worse , it can cause the relationship to deteriorate quickly like rotting food in the trash. Why ? Because of the trash negative energy infused into the entire kitchen . Try putting in place trash out of sight , in the kitchen cupboard doors and keep it clean as possible and you will be amazed at the emotional changes when entering the kitchen without seeing trash and dirt Lu Lu front .

6 . Expressing life beautiful , rich and fullness than

After the refrigerator , kitchen cabinets , stovetops and trash are clean and tidy is time for you to attract radiant energy and make homes more beautiful life . Put some spice lush trees , a basket filled with fresh fruit or reserve plenty of food to ensure wealth and excess . You can absolutely use fake fruit but trees should be real tree . The most important thing is that you see things beautiful , vibrant , healthy in the kitchen . It helps stimulate life more beautiful , fuller and more fulfilling .

( According to Eva )

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