Feng shui put the computer to advance in job

A computer is used and reasonable layout will create more favorable work .

There is no doubt in saying that people are increasingly dependent on computers , rare modern family does not own a desktop or laptop .

To be effective in their work as well as in business , you should perform the following steps to ensure your computer is a machine ” clean ” and meaningful . Very few of us can work when the computer malfunction due to software bugs or viruses …

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When your computer is not in top shape will make your mood disappointed , angry and sometimes you can not do its job well . More importantly , it will push you out of the flow of opportunities , profit , prestige and progress in work .

The following Feng Shui tips will help you keep your computer always at ” peak ” performance , helping you to achieve high efficiency , creativity and open up new opportunities in the job .

1 . Use reasonable

1378710733 7 Feng shui put the computer to advance in job

– Queue science : When the computer is a mess then it could be difficult for us to be able to get those thoughts clearly and effectively . That’s because finding the necessary files so difficult makes us angry , do affect the mood . At this time , the organizational arrangements have equivalent effectiveness . Therefore, you should have yourself a sort files on your computer so scientific , delete old files and unnecessary files as well as priority programs frequently used .

– Stowed wires : Whenever we see the chaos and clutter , it will reduce our energy level down . One of the least attractive aspects of the computer is that they have a lot of wires around . So , you need to force the wire segment compact leftovers so they do not trip over you . If not , you will be very easy to fall into confusion because a minor cause , unnecessary .

– Choose beautiful images for your computer screen : Using beautiful images , especially the images of nature such as the sea , waterfalls , fields or streams will inspire every time you see it , keeping the planet god you are always smooth and comfortable .

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– Install security software : In , protection is always a top priority . This is especially true for your computer . When you work on the Internet , you should have yourself a good protection software like Norton , McAfee , Kaspersky … or a personal favorite . We will protect your computer from bad risks , maintaining speed and help you work efficiently .

– The old file , the error will hamper you : You have the old projects or old files that you still need to use but not daily ? Then , move it to your memory card or hard drive left . The compact tool storage and intelligent This is useful in storing old information . This way , your computer is not only lighter , but it creates more space for expecting new things will come to you .

– Keep your computer screen clean : When your computer screen with dirt , fingerprints , you will not be able to think clearly or look up what you need to do . Therefore, you should clean it regularly .

2 . Arrange computer

– Avoid facing the computer screen Bed : Similar to mirror or TV screen , computer screen to avoid facing the bed as this will affect the human spirit and quality of sleep .

– Avoid direct sunlight computer screen : When the computer screen light will face disadvantages for homeowners , causing many non- urban , controversial . However, avoid placing the computer in the dark place , easy to make employers fall prey to anxiety , depression , adversely affecting jobs .

– Avoid placing where air circulation : Put the computer in the fresh air will reduce the harm of computer radiation . Conversely , if put in place , stagnant air will cause the employer to be lacking a clear and least sensitive job .

– Avoid locations with water : Computers are considered to belong to Mars , when placed near water such as fish tanks , wet landscape … will cause the state Water – Fire resistances , adverse to the employer .

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– Avoid complex animals around computers : computer location around the desk and should always keep neat . If messy situation occurs will affect the ability to concentrate on your work .
( According to Eva )

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