For kitchen design with feng shui

Cooking area mean nourish and sustain life , bringing wealth and prosperity . When designing the kitchen , in addition to trend pretty modern need of feng shui .

People always have the energy exchange with the surrounding environment . If the kitchen has a good atmosphere , the spirit of , the cook also comfortable , leading to increased quality meal .

Yellow is the most appropriate to paint kitchen

You can improve your kitchen feng shui in the following ways :

– The kitchen should not close doors (including the front door or back door ) because that is where feng shui energy can easily escape .

– Food is used daily supply of energy , to feed the body . For these foods have the highest efficiency , it is necessary to arrange them so much harmony in the kitchen , creating a balanced energy flow .20140120080021056 For kitchen design with feng shui

– Eat light levels should be appropriate to ensure the airy , spacious and clean . A good feng shui kitchen, the kitchen is simple , neat , avoiding too much sorted items . An environment indiscriminately , clutter will hinder the flow of energy . So the kitchen should always be clean , things do not need to be removed .

So put fresh flowers in the kitchen
20140120080024058 For kitchen design with feng shui

– Flowers in the kitchen to help power more strong . Therefore, should put a fruit platter , vase on the dining table or tree , or a window in the kitchen where appropriate .

– Ensure that the kitchen mixing colors match . Yellow color is considered to be the best , giving the best feng shui . If this color is used by homeowners digestive system is very good . Two common color is yellow butter , symbolizing the light of pumpkin and yellow , symbolizing the vibrant , strong .
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