For the feng shui bedroom

People spend about 30% of the time sleeping in a lifetime . So , the bedroom also occupies an important position in the dominant sleep , and affect air transportation good , bad in the house.

Bedroom is the word ” all ” in the subject – Apples – Assume that we want to introduce to you in creating your own home .

Position in the bedroom and bed position should privilege in the provision of the good , as the supply Revitalising , palaces year ( merit ) , provided Y Thien , The Easter offer . In the bedroom should display decorative items , depending anniversary ( contingent ) of the owner. In addition, in the bedroom paint colors are compatible with the supply network headed .

Some notes to know more for feng shui bedroom :

– Coordinates the sand towards the sand

– Bedrooms should have a square shape , avoid rooms distortion , oblique , with toilet room

– Bedroom ceiling should ” stick ” , ” pure-minded ” , I get a lumpy cumbersome

– The bedroom window must have the same elevation , not set right headboard window

– At the cavalry bedroom door facing toilet

– The height above floor bedroom door and the bathroom toilet is bordered edge

– The bed should be square or nearly square format

– Statistics under the bed to avoid beam transverse

– Keep doors open to the projector straight into bed , lying in bed watching the door to the room

– Bedrooms should not have circular windows , columns or semi- circular cylindrical pillars , round tables and chairs
file.341223 For the feng shui bedroom


– Never let the mirror opposite to the bed or projector

– In the bedroom should not put the altar

– Limit the use that is made of iron , metal , because we need to get as warm as master , the cold abstinence as unnecessary .

– In the bedroom should avoid objects dynamically , circle

– To paint the bedroom ceiling a lighter shade of the wall surrounding area

In the bedroom , the bed towards the wife and husband (maybe more children ) is in the direction of each individual separately . Therefore necessary to determine its own direction to Statistics Bed optimized directions are good air transportation . To learn how to determine the direction of the bed , see the orange arrows in the figure below :

Note that , the information on bedroom with toilet ( or in other words the toilet in the bedroom ) is not good . Normally , we tend to develop concepts in the bedroom toilet for convenience , especially the elderly , parents and grandparents do not want to go away . However, the bedroom was located near the restrooms at the cavalry , let alone in the toilet in the bedroom . Because according to theory , the toilet was not clean so where is hung towards the sand , in the bedroom when we need to put in good supply . The purpose of placing the toilet in that the data is ” certainly toxic poison ” to turn evil into good . We will continue the discussion about for bathroom and toilet in the post .
( According Motthegioi )

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