happy couple pulled through feng shui

Small changes in the home can also bring you luck and salt concentration than in love .

1 . Open the front door

file.268806 happy couple pulled through feng shui

All energy , including romance flowing into your house through the main door , so be open more often to receive love . If you want to search for a new love , remove stagnant energy by cleaning up the mess near the door , and get ready for that special someone knocking on your door .

2 . Put roses in the bedroom

According to Feng Shui , the color red is the color of unconditional love , while white is the color of the beginning . Put 2 roses not in a bottle of white spikes on the bedside table , or anywhere you can see as dressing table , small cupboard … These colors combined with roses – flowers of romance , will promote blooming romance .

3 . Place the bowl in the kitchen pear

Kitchen is considered the heart of the house , put the succulent pears in a large bowl on the kitchen table will create inspiration and action to find a pair of perfect .

4 . Create balance in the furniture

file.268807 happy couple pulled through feng shui

Please make an offer for an opposite sex , especially in the first room that visitors will enter . Looking around to see what it attracts the attention of men (such as masculine floral patterns , decorative style impression ) .

Furniture in the bedroom is also important . If you are single and you want to attract the opposite sex , please review the arrangement in the room : Will you have a seat ? Husband placed sideways bed pillow ? The creation of feeling like someone is living with her ​​will help ease the dream a reality .

If you already have a partner , can do more passionate love by red sheets station . According to feng shui , red is the catalyst of love .

( According Xzone )

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