How to Choose Bed with feng shui ?

In fact, a bunk bed with feng shui extremely simple , not fussy like to think of many people . You refer to the following tips to have a small bed good for your health !

Bed furniture is the most important in human life . This may sound a bit big but it’s completely accurate . Because the item bed is the only direct connection and the closest to the power of each individual human being .
file.359534 How to Choose Bed with feng shui ?
The role of bed and bedroom related to health , psychological state , happiness and quality of relationships . So invest in a good bed , where is also investing his own happiness .
Bed of feng shui to ensure the health and happiness of human beings .

So , a bed is considered the convergence of feng shui elements need anything ? Here are all the right advice to help you choose the best buy is not just like the bed but also good in terms of feng shui .

1 . Style and substance

Determine the correct size bed with the need to use relatively simple problem but also style and substance , why ? Will we have to buy a wooden bed or headboard bed somewhat metal eye-catching look or not ?

Today, not hard to find beautiful and stylish bed form but according to Feng Shui , a perfect bed is very simple and just have the two following factors :

– First, the perfect material to make wood bed .

– Second, although designed with style , style does have bed space underneath – and the bed is always open .
Wood and height are two logical prerequisite to make a perfect bed according to feng shui .file.359535 How to Choose Bed with feng shui ?

Reason bed height should be reasonable compared to the floor is to ensure the balance of energy flow feng shui . Overall, the combined extra bed drawer storage underneath helps belongings are evaluated according to feng shui is very bad . Because the energy required to circulate through your body when to sleep and move this process will be stopped if the bed was sealed .
Bed Type locker combination or bed pans will retard the flow of energy flow should not be encouraged to use .

2 . headboard

Headboard well as factors required for the feng shui bed . Because, during sleep , the human body sunk into the energy recovery process after a busy day of work and stress . Thus , the first part definitely needed fulcrum , and protected like the back support needed fulcrum if sitting in a chair in a long time .

Headboard is best made ​​of wood or upholstered , solid structure that is sure to bring safety to the head while sleeping . In addition, the head of the bed as light as possible and should not be selected bed headboard made ​​of metal bars , such as iron … Simply because it feels heavy and large screws up the first part of when sleeping .
Wooden headboard and mattress protectors are two good options , ensure good sleep for you every day .file.359536 How to Choose Bed with feng shui ?

Metal headboard is considered bad feng shui .

3 . Linen pillow and blanket colors

Linen is also an important factor because it promotes rest and bring good sleep every day for humans . At night you sleep during the day , the more your health will be much better now , this is understandable.

If you take the time to learn , then it is easy to fall into a state of confusion because there are so many different patterns on linen market . So , need to make wise choices when purchasing linen .
Should choose buying new cushions , but definitely soft .

Do not buy the cushions used in accordance with feng shui because it symbolizes the old energy , not nice.

The best colors for the bedroom … is the skin color , can be combined with other favorite color .
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