How to neutralize the negative direction for the bathroom

The feng shui bathroom decor is very important because it is closely related to the health of people living in the house . Here is the layout style bathroom according to and how to avoid reconciliation.

1 . If bath home located in the north or northeast demon known as Hau subjects may bring negative consequences . If you have this type of homeowners can atherosclerotic disease , cirrhosis , gallstones , diarrhea , stomach ulcers , constipation , food poisoning , blood gases are not plentiful , … particularly negative impact on the health of the elderly .

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In , to the bathroom not bring hung minister , put it best in the northwest , southeast or east ( looking from the center of the house ) . At the same time , to stay put in the position corresponding to the year of birth of the owner ( for example, people born in the Rabbit , to avoid putting in the East ) . As can be seen , the design of the bathroom place indeed not a simple matter .

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2 . Houses today are often designed bathrooms in the north or north-east is where the sun shines on impossible . Or to put it another way , kitchen , living room located in the southeast or southwest , the bathroom was located in the north . Those who complain that good health is not related to affordable housing is not good feng shui , the survey is that about half of them are by design the bathroom in the north or northeast.

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If bath home located in the North or Northeast , they must immediately move to another location . When it comes to renovating or moving the location of the baths , many people are saying that “there is no space , it is difficult to do .” In fact , the space of the bathroom is very small , just honestly want to renovate or reposition it sure is not difficult , when you will feel much more simple than what was imagined .

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Just avoid the central location of 15 degrees north ( the scope of the Rat ) . Northeast then just avoid 10 degrees northeast ( the scope of the Ox ) and 10 degrees east of north central ( range units) is given. If the toilet located in the north or northeast , only the location of the toilet pans deviate due to the 15 degree azimuth is to be . If the toilet pans are placed within the toilet just move pans should not renovate the bathroom .

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If the wall next to the bathroom or kitchen wall of the warehouse is relatively stable . When renovating it just is inverted .

Just a healthy body , you can rest assured to work , will soon make food part , of course, can design a house for his very good feng shui . Thus , to stay healthy , the improvement is still a prerequisite . So it’s better for the condition of the owner or the elderly .

Due to the design of each type of residential architecture is different , sometimes very simple house but basically can not move to the bathroom . Now let’s do it on , it’s changing the position of the toilet pans .

If you move the toilet pedestal should open the window in the bathroom , every day to eat a plate of salt and put it in a small pot , through the Green Energy Plants and salt to neutralize the minister hung bathroom.

3 . Besides the North and Northeast bathhouses in the southwest of general well hung . If you want to move can only move from the west to northwest .

Baths in the West is not good , but just do not have anyone born in the Rooster , or daughter during the wedding preparations do not need to worry . For peace of mind you can move to the northwest pedestal, toilet , ie the scope of Ren or You .
( According Xzone )

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