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Question: So , how to change the feng shui can not move it ? Also, when working in the same room , there was ” absorbing ” bad impacts from other desks ?

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The answer to your second question is very simple. Well , everything around you in the office affects your personal energy for themselves as well as energy . So , if the desks of colleagues sitting next to have really bad feng shui , you also will be affected .

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The only thing you can do is take good care for her own desk and set clear boundaries . When you have to work in environments cabin used table type , can not change , you need to pay more attention to creating ( and keeping ) good energy throughout the working day at the office .

Maybe you do not have to move your desk to a more conveniently feng shui or position opposite direction feng shui lucky but still there are many ways to improve the quality of your work space .

Here are 5 tips to help Feng Shui your work area more comfortable :

1 . The organizational system is clearly a must for any public office , especially the office cabin . Make sure there is enough space for everything but it’s neat in your work area . Once the clutter starts to accumulate , your energy will go down quickly .

2 . Find out what you are allowed to bring into the workplace and selecting the best location for them . Some things are better evaluated according to feng shui should be on the desk as green air purification and energy-rich items such as picture frames showing the moments of happiness , bright artwork , inspiring with vivid colors …

3 . Doors and door parts are welcome flow of natural gas into the room , if your back facing the door will let your spirits are always tense , always feeling someone is looking , observing . In the long run easily cause you to lose focus on the job , easy to anger , even kidney disease , back pain .

If this is the case , you should seek to observe the activities happening in the back , such as the use of products such as mirror reflection , shiny metal objects …

However , should not put up too many mirrors in his office . According to Feng Shui , a mirror can be deducted evil spirits , bad omen , but if there is a mirror in front and always have your pictures in there to make you indecisive , distracted , or anxious , insomnia , poor working efficiency …

4 . The color of the desk should be selected in accordance with the par five elements , elements will be born in future work . For example , the fire should select the table face pale pink , red or orange , purple , aqua par with black , gray , dark blue , with white metal par , par yellow brothel …

5 . Feng shui is always the best effective when applied in a subtle way . Combine items feng shui harmony . That will give you feeling relaxed . pleasant and energetic work .
( According to Eva )

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