Is it possible to build a leap year?

Q: This year is a leap year . I heard housing , home purchase as well as leap year leap year brings prosperity , no enough ? – Nguyen Van Ha ( Ha Noi ) .

file.362695  Is it possible to build a leap year?

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Mr. Nguyen Duc Ward , an expert in astronomical research – the universe , Hanoi National University : No scientific basis to suggest that there are links between buying a house , build a house with a leap year . The division of profits based on the natural laws of movement of the Earth revolved around the Sun.

The division of the net five scientists to the seasonal adjustment of the rules as well as the Earth’s movement accordingly. As such , the views leap year brings prosperity , it is not accurate enough . The occurrence of leap year with absolutely no relationship to the spiritual factors , as well as not have any connection with the purchase of the house , build a house according to feng shui as is often said …
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