Kitchen door in the right place prone to conflict

According to feng shui , the kitchen if put to the right of the main entrance (by direction from the outside into the house ) will easily cause conflict among family members together .

Gas energy accumulated here over time can cause hatred , rarely encouraged in the family , especially if the family is rich with wealth divide children often disputes arise between heirs next the children with their parents when they were alive .
file.351778 Kitchen door in the right place prone to conflict


Danger kitchen located in the west – North

No kitchen should be located in the Western region – North of the house , as this will create bad luck and financial loss of the family home . Sometimes , the kitchen in this area can also cause fires .

Placement for the stove must be careful , because the kitchen is put in a bad position in the worst issues need to be adjusted . Put a pot of water next to the stove as well , but it’s a temporary solution .
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