Kitchens Northwest : incalculable dangers

Northwest is the worst place for the kitchen because it can cause serious damage to the man living in the house or the pillar of the family .

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According to feng shui , the kitchen plays a very important role for the house , especially the kitchen cooking placement . Because the kitchen is a device that helps us out processed food , nourish everyone in the family .

However, in terms of nature , kitchens that inhibit luck . This means , even if you have good luck in this room , or the kitchen itself would ” stifle ” the luck in a very natural way .

In addition , based on the number of the bagua you that the kitchen is on a good way to prepare and then enjoy the food here is particularly beneficial . Conversely , when the kitchen is in a bad direction , you will need to apply some solutions for kitchens good position up .

Here are a few basic elements for kitchen feng shui :

– Avoid lying on the bedroom layout kitchen . If this is not possible , they must ensure Statistics bed position does not coincide with the position of the stove . Similarly , do not try to arrange the bedroom, or Statistics Bed in a position facing the wall put the stove in the kitchen .

– The kitchen should ideally be located behind the house. Avoid kitchen design in the front and in the middle of the house .

– Do not paint the kitchen in red . Because the kitchen is where the fire contained , therefore , should not increase the fire power of the room by red paint .

– Northwest , Southwest and the three center positions are harmful to the kitchen . If your kitchen is in this direction , hang a wind chime in as to dispel some negative energy . The worst position for the main kitchen is the Northwest , especially , if you use the gas for cooking . Remove all candles away from this place and try to switch to electric stoves .

In addition, you can add a huge water feature , such as a fish tank to reduce a portion of the excess heat energy .

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– According to feng shui , there are a few things to absolutely avoid the kitchen and it is not used in the northwest of the fire house . This can cause serious damage or problems for men living in the house or the pillar of the family .

If you ‘re single , this leads to a situation difficult to attract a suitable relationship or frequent quarrels , disagreements with people who are dating .

The only solution in this case is to put a big jug of water in the kitchen , the minimum size is 45×60 cen – ti – meters . However, it can be quite cumbersome and hinder if your kitchen is not widespread . Instead, you can try to put an aquarium or a water filter as close to the stove as possible to reduce the power of fire in here .

7 The main problem about feng shui kitchen should be noted :

1 . The distance between the stove and refrigerator should be at least 50-60 cen – ti – meter ? If the stove and refrigerator are placed too close together , the refrigerator will extinguish the stove , causing difficult financial situation . In case we ‘re together , put a wooden cutting board in between them .

2 . You can see the toilet from the kitchen not ? Whether visible or accessible from the kitchen toilets are not good cases . If this is the case exists in your home , let the red paint on the door of the toilet and as usual , always remember the doors closed at all times .

3 . Kitchen is the source of sadness , tears ? Cooking is placed in between the fridge and the sink is cause for sadness and heavy heart for those who live in that house .

4 . There should be more design kitchen island kitchen not ? Kitchen islands are considered as a useful feature feng shui because its surface is usually made ​​of heavy materials such as stone , have the ability to ” suppress ” bad things . In addition , the kitchen island is usually arranged between the other kitchen appliances such as stoves and sinks among or between the stove and refrigerator , so it has the ability to prevent the confrontation of the features in the kitchen . If there are no conditions designed private kitchen island , kitchen table is a great alternative .

file.345706 Kitchens Northwest : incalculable dangers

5 . Fridge stocked much food ? A cupboard or refrigerator are hoarding food and is good feng shui symbol of wealth . Keeping this place clean both regularly . this helps refresh energy and the flow of wealth .

6 . Cooking / kitchen is visible from the front door ? If you can see the kitchen stove or from the front door means that you are seeing the opportunity is lost . ” Locked ” bad vision by building a bulkhead or put a potted trees outside .

7 . Is your kitchen room is arranged in front of the house ? If so , you ‘ll have to struggle with the problems of weight . If the first thing you see when you come home is the kitchen , then you may have difficulty eating too much . Try the kitchen layout or door changes position to neutralize this bad situation .
( According to Eva )

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