Living and the characteristics of the

Question: The direction of suicide is five demons … how disgusting so why listen ? Professionals can specify the direction of each face hell good bad or not ? Also, in the middle of the living room , why ? Thank you !

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file.318750 Living and the characteristics of the


First, each face monsters , each house has 4 good directions and 4 bad directions , the direction is good : Born Gas , Electric Youth , Natural Health , Recovery position , the direction is bad : suicide , five demons , Luc police , Hoa Hai .

In particular , when the owners of fortune , collection -an advantage ; Dien young master of harmony , luck , God all health care ; Easter are all about peace ; owners of failed suicide , illness , loss cool ; five demons all tribulation , petulant ; Luc watching all the controversy , insecurity , poor transport resources ; shows two owners of injury , risk, daunting.

Name Born gas , suicide may stem from the interactions between the good and evil monster with the face towards the landlord. For example , the West ‘s destiny should have vitality , by the west there is the hexagram phenomenon arising, Kim contingent negative issue , I need to be positive Kim , Qian and west sides of the same Doai ( Qian , Kun , Doi , Doai of West side – West quarterfinals par / West blame , Mosaic , Glass , Zhen , Xun faction East – East quartet par / Eastern blame ) , yin-yang Kim interoperability and two Vases, making gas Kim prosperity , the corresponding and sympathetic .

Southbound need is par for the suicide by southwards statue is hexagram Glass , Fire Five Elements is negative , partisan east , such as East – West against each other , regardless of the respective negative and positive moment other flowers Kim estate fellowship , moreover, make a positive tone WASHINGTON Kim failure .

The name and nature of the other good and bad with the other par hell ( see hell defining clause Investment Property issued on 27.5.2013 ) has a similar interpretation . In particular , positive east of Jupiter , the object crippled , north of the waterway is subject hexagram Mosaic ; northeast of the airways , is subject hexagram Doi ; southeast of mold , subjects consuming cinnamon ; directions Southwest of negative feelings, perception is hexagram Kun ; positive Northwest Kim , the hexagram Qian object .

The bad azimuth should be used to set the kitchen , WC , storage , the best azimuth should be used for living room , bedroom , hall , put gates , doors , stairs .

Gates , doors and stove types should focus on the good direction . The architect should be aware of this when basic house design . For the living room , in addition to good and bad characteristics of each of the above direction , there are a number of personal characteristics , job -related . Specifically , the living room is located in the southwest , which provides the conditionality / Marriage, will bring warm atmosphere , friendly , credibility , trust and cooperation .

Living Room is located in the West , which offers self ( child) , will house filled with laughter , if fun, work efforts will achieve good results .

Living Room is located in the Northwest , which also provides personnel , will help in the work .

Living Room is located in the south , which provides Fame , judgment , acumen will enhance and promote the industry , however , need to be humble , not cocky about success , fame , the upon new heart .

Living Room is located in the North , which are also buds / career , work will have many advantages ; choose the right job , the capacity itself is fullest .

Living Room is located in the east , which offers knowledge , wisdom , education will become increasingly advanced, if not the desire to be dominated, at the wrong action .

Living Room is located in the east , which offers price ranges , crippled under the ( thunder ) , work will progress , if any ideas , nurture ideas , focus on what to expect , while prudent , draw on experience to know the success will come .

Living Room is located in the Southeast , providing instant fortune , business will grow if efforts dynamic grasp opportunities .

On the question lies in the supply room ( between ) , according to feng shui theories , this is a second best position . Because the center of the house where the gas condenses , is where most vitality , will bring good things . However, between the living room ( as well as between home ) and the table is not so heavy items , avoid pressure to ” mark the grave ” , affecting the flow of air circulation in the room . At position ” Royal pole ” , the best should be left blank.
( According ĐTCK )

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