Many elements of metal will cause cold kitchen

In feng shui , a space is considered to be the ideal balance of five elements , not so bent on a certain issue . Kitchen is one of the important space of the family , should be taken to avoid multiple needle out kitchen becomes colder .

Previously consultants red kitchen tiles would not be good . What about the case of stone kitchen tiles green okay? In addition, for many kitchen uses elements of metal furniture have any interaction ?

Nguyen Thuy Dong ( Ha Noi )

file.346096 Many elements of metal will cause cold kitchen


According to experts Cuong Pham , Xuan Housing Corporation , in , an ideal space to be considered should be a balance of the five elements , not so bent on a certain issue . Five are often expressed through colors , materials , shapes … Depending on the space that we design accordingly .

For the kitchen , people often avoid using red would make more firearms than prosperity . Likewise, if you use too much out Jupiter ( like green for the kitchen ) is not beneficial . Or use too many elements of metal ( metal furniture , white … ) will cause a cold feeling … So , we need to coordinate harmoniously as used kitchen cabinets , wooden dining table ( carpentry practice ) feels cozy , dark stone kitchen table ( hydraulic action ) combined with the wall light ( metal act ) , light yellow ( breaking out ) …

In the house , the kitchen represents health and source of wealth . So , apart from the color, the material needs to pay more attention to the location , direction of the kitchen so that there is no police around and picked up a lot of air .
( According Kienthuc )

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