Mediation shop at T-junctions year like?

In fact the survey shows , this is not beautiful location on feng shui , eat even more difficult . In perspective , expert guidance to overcome this problem .

Ngoc Anh Hung ( HCM ) asked his agency shop is located at the intersection of major roads , has limited trade . Many people advised Bagua mirror hanging at the door to do business better . Ask this true? Or somehow neutralize ?

file.268383 Mediation shop at T junctions year like?

Feng shui expert Cuong Pham , Xuan Joint Stock Company State said bagua mirror is a special type of mirror . Structure includes mirrors in the center and hexagram eight trigrams : Qian , Mosaic , Lifting , Ton , Ly , Wise , Doai around in a certain order . According to the conception of the ancients , bagua mirror to protect the people who live in homes without infringing miasma .

When hanging ba-gua towards a crossroads , rooftops , or objects directly reference the bad image of feng shui … the bagua mirror in the center will serve as the reflected pulsed beam observation . Sangui also tasked to neutralize , against the forces towards . Bagua mirror has two types of bagua bagua convex and concave .

For residential road forks in the road is hit , you can neutralize the convex bagua hung by the front door . Also, if the area of ​​broad money , you can design water landscape with tree paint or fake rock in front of town just to regulate the air flow into the newly created landscape harmonious environment in urban areas .

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