Modern Bathroom and feng shui notes

Should be arranged in the direction of data bathroom , avoid overlaps put towards good ( good not to affect the stars good luck in the land of ) …

Although not located in the core of the house , the bathroom very important role for your health and spirit . Please join us to learn about feng shui modern bathrooms to enhance the ” indispensable in every corner of the house ,” you okay !

7 key points for the bathroom :

file.264015 Modern Bathroom and feng shui notes

– Ceiling: If the ceiling is affected by too much moisture will easy peeling . Therefore, you should choose a ceiling material featuring waterproof, moisture-proof , heat resistant . The top of the washing bath , toilet need to pay attention to prevent moisture and ensure privacy .

– Walls : Need to select materials that are waterproof, high- index and anti- metamorphic . The easy-clean ceramic tiles , beautiful colors , quick-drying material ideal wall toilet for you to choose . Should choose colored wall tiles similar to tile the background to create unity for the restroom .

– Flooring : The floor of the bathroom, the toilet water, non-slip to ensure safe use . Ideally, you should choose the type of brick background pattern emerged .

– Drainage Holes : The floor of the toilet drain hole should be strong and certain inclination to avoid stagnant water causing slippery , wet and create a bad atmosphere for your home .

– Decoration : You should be fully equipped with the necessary facilities for hygiene , such as bathing tub , sink , toilet … Also , makeup , towel rack , handrail for bathtub essential.

Should choose rounded tub or rectangular shape . In addition, tub or pentagon hexagon are also suitable . Do not choose a bathtub triangular or irregular shapes .

– Doors : Doors to toilet made ​​of waterproof retardancy , rust-proof items . Avoid wooden door . There should be bars on the door to prevent water from escaping .

– Equipment : You should choose a power outlet with a lid to prevent water . Do not install the power cord out to reveal . Water is synonymous with wealth , the wealth position of the bathroom should always be respected scientific .

The general view for the bathroom :

Should be arranged in the direction of data bathroom , avoid overlaps put towards good ( good not to affect the stars good luck in the soil ) . Also, be sure to reserve tight bathroom , away from the main doors . Nor should this space near the kitchen so detrimental to health problems .

You should be separated from the bathroom toilet or bathroom secured area located in the bedroom have ventilation system works well .

Color decoration bathroom will affect the feel of the user. Bathroom current trend is moving toward choosing colors ” organic ” close to nature as blue, green … No matter what color selection , you can still create a relaxing space with ballads gentle and seductive scent of essential oils .

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