Modern bathrooms also need feng shui

Many concepts that toilet ( toilet ) is a bad area , can destroy good feng shui in the home. But , this is not the whole story .

According to , toilets and bathrooms can actually solve a lot of problems . Furthermore, no one wants to live in a house with no toilet . So , we need to pay attention to what ? It is important to understand the types of energy toilet and bath . That energy is the energy of water , yin . Especially the energy drain out.

20131231104005292 Modern bathrooms also need feng shui

Currently , many families escaping domestic energy through sinks , laundry room and bathroom but did not have enough energy generating water , such as fountains and waterfalls .

Here are the top tips you need to know to solve these problems may be encountered with the bathroom in my house :

Bathrooms can solve the problems

Not widely known but the feng shui changes annually or monthly can cause sorrow , seriously affecting the health or financial problems . This is especially true for the number 7 Seven Red star , 5 star and five star Royal Black II No. 2 . In case your bathroom is located in the region of this star is always close to the room every time out . This is a way to chase things that are not nice.

20131231104006072 Modern bathrooms also need feng shui

Bathroom under the stairs causing many problems for children

In many homes there is a small room beneath the stairs . It can cause infertility problems . It can also cause the child to be naughty , so annoying and not obedient . The best way to handle this situation is to always keep the door closed and decorate it with colors consistent with that bagua area .

Decorate the bathroom under the specific direction

With a particular direction , the bathrooms have different effects on your life and the ones in the family , such as career , health or relationships . Here are the effects of each particular direction , and how to fix it :

Bathroom located above the main door will ” engulf ” the luck of the entire house

If this is true for your house , make sure the main gate area and corridors always have enough light to compensate for the energy loss from the bathroom above . You should also use this bathroom as little as possible and always closed when out on .
User Impact Solutions

20131231104007335 Modern bathrooms also need feng shui

Affect business , income , occupation and career prospects .

Harmful to relationships in the workplace and hinder progress in work .
Use items made ​​of ceramic or stone .
Affects Men fame , causing the non- story . Decorate the bathroom with green , black to prevent negative energy .
Eastern Influences son in the family , family relationships and health .

Decorate bathroom in red or white , keep the room well lit .

Could use more candles .

Affecting children in the family , creativity , fertility .
Selection of themes , widgets, Water elemental colors .
Southwest Effect on relationships , women in family , marriage ,

20131231104007679 Modern bathrooms also need feng shui

Decorated trees and fresh flowers in the bathroom .

Choose paint colors white , green or brown .
Northeast Affects education , assertiveness and the ability to think .

Decorate the tree in the bathroom . Choose paint colors white , green or brown .

Affect wealth , causing financial loss , bad investment , savings decrease .

Affecting the eldest daughter in the family .
Add the element of metal , decorated with white or gray in the bathroom .
Northwest Affects luck , the pillar and family man . Ensure adequate lighting , decorated with red and blue .
( According to Eva )

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