Neutralize two different lives in the office

Q: I was born in 1981, I was sitting opposite a worker born in 1976 . Two closely spaced machine . Please ask two par with each other can not ? Need a way how to handle ?

file.329305 Neutralize two different lives in the office


You born in 1981, fresh beans, par Jupiter , facing employees born in 1976 , Year of the Dragon , par Turkey . At the conclusion of the age , in terms of short-sighted of the Year of the Dragon can fix his courage . At address , the Rooster and Dragon II case , good .

On the face , the face you carved face of the Year of the Dragon , this also conflicts easily arise due to an incompatibility of character . To neutralize somewhat in this case , on his desk to put the red color like pink or between two people sitting position . It could be a flower pot in red, pink or amethyst …

However, in an agency office should not place too much importance to the opposite person ‘s age which should pay more attention to the workstation . Feng shui question ” the most , sensitive direction .” So pay attention to the first position the desk . That position is well ventilated area , picked up a lot of air flow from the outside brought into the room . This position must be consistent with the nature of work and workflow , has picked up a lot of light and not cramped , stuffy cause in the process .

Such as desks to avoid straight Statistics under the rafters or the ceiling fan as prone to feeling oppressed , insecure. Next is the direction . User should sit with the Guardian . In addition , user can sit looking at the front door can help people do more proactive work and communicate . Sitting direction in accordance with the clause that was convenient for the best jobs .

expert Cuong Pham , Xuan Housing Corporation
( According to Knowledge )

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