New Year , decorated with the auspicious cord to smoking luck

Wiring is very auspicious to many users , especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year . Wire the sand wall types and different colors but mostly red – a symbol of good luck .

Wire the sand wall is one of the items that are commonly used in traditional Chinese feng shui . It appears a lot of holidays , weddings and under different knot types , mostly red , a symbol of good luck .

file.357787 New Year , decorated with the auspicious cord to smoking luck

According to the Buddhist concept , this symbol is also known as the god button – is 1 in 8 security items ( non-violence ) auspicious . It means that there is no beginning and no end , reflecting Buddhist philosophy of samsara . From there , it symbolizes one lucky energy flows harmoniously flowing uninterrupted by any failure , accident or misfortune .

Besides, the auspicious cord also symbolizes happiness and life long. It is believed that the presence of the auspicious cord will satisfy all your desires in life . Thus , for purposes of the living room decorated to provide vitality , symbol is often used as a protective material for love , wealth . Wire the wall of sand is also used as therapy career and many other applications . These wires have used the material auspicious gems like jade , agate and pink quartz crystal is considered the most auspicious .

In terms of layout , wiring the red auspicious symbol of marriage and eternal love , proper hanging in the southwest corner to promote the development of couple relationships .

You can use the rope to the wall of sand bags , cars , clothes and jewelry . Hang it in the southwest corner of the living room will help entwined emotions of family members . Use the auspicious cord southwest of office will bring harmony and loyalty between employer and employee .
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