Note on Feng Shui for Modern Bathrooms

The bathroom layout suits getaway will help you regain refreshing after a hard working day .


The proper way to breathe in fresh air will help preserve good health . Therefore, you should note window adjustment system for the construction of wind flow bathroom , or run the exhaust fan .


A small pots containing herbs such as lavender, orange blossom will alleviate the anxiety, depression . Lemon , rose helps the soul more relaxed . For a little oil in a warm bath will help you easily recover lost energy during the day .

looking glass

file.312891 Note on Feng Shui for Modern Bathrooms

So put a large mirror in the bathroom to create a sense of space was widened . However , do not put two mirrors opposite each other , not easy hallucinogenic good and feeling insecure.


file.312889 Note on Feng Shui for Modern Bathrooms

According to feng shui , color decorating bathrooms has a great influence feelings . While the blue to help you breathe deeper , sleep helps the green vision rested , mentally stable . But white is more loved than purity , helped open room space seem larger .

The color of the bathroom is not only expressed through painting the walls , but also expressed by other items such as bathtubs , sinks and water heaters . Therefore , homeowners should choose the suitable materials and beautiful .
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