Note the angle of feng shui to work at home

Angle of working at home is also a very important part . Angle worked upon feng shui layout not only add beauty to the space that will work effectively .
20130718092046472 Note the angle of feng shui to work at home
Organizations working angle
Rooms in the present work in terms of is the space between letters fusion oriental style room ( where reading, book store … out of Jupiter ) and Western-style office with convenience items ( computer equipment under operating expertise … Kim ) . Two opposing this action seemed incompatible but actually complementary reciprocal .

Currently, many homeowners have been turning economic conditions on how the organization in the form of traditional mail room to better promote the advantages and minimize adverse impacts to other spaces .

Thus, in terms of feng shui , space to work from home not only to ensure a quiet , private ( static sound ) but always need more ventilation , equipment layout and logical ability to stimulate energy work force ( active , positive ) . The layout combines traditional nature – modern needs proper attention . There are new so effective .

Connect the external20130718092046613 Note the angle of feng shui to work at home

Normally the angle to work from home , connecting element is a top priority . Advantageous position of being able to angle the phone , scanner , printer , internet connection , and more recently filing cabinets , personal profile . If more widely , the employer may arrange more or library bookshelf for myself .

Today, the laptop equipped with desks made ​​for not taking up too much space . Work habits , read , watch the news , listen to the radio , searching the document … and relax after work by making some multi-functional room can fully meet the requirements of the employer .

Airflow is enabled
20130718092048563 Note the angle of feng shui to work at home

Working angle ensures clear and full of natural light . If not , homeowners use electric light to supplement .

Many used machines and equipment increases Kim ‘s office , causing conflict with the space of Jupiter as the bedroom or dining room . If you put in the work place is both space and unsanitary adversely affect both sleep and meals .

Since Turkish born Kim should be the ideal shape of the office is square or nearly square , which may have corners rounded , oval or octagonal , hexagonal with multiple windows open , airy visions . Avoid working in layout space or room trapezoidal angles .

The door can work through to the living room ( easy foreign relations ) , or to the bedroom and toilet ( for convenience to work late at night ) . However, avoid office door near the kitchen because it was affecting people working in the room .

Do not open at work jamming room airflow , loss of focus . If the workplace combined with the master bedroom to the mezzanine walls , cabinets or curtains to avoid the second part of the gas Kim – Jupiter influence each other .

Colors and layout objects

According to the principle of five elements , Earth born Kim , Kim Thuy born . So , the colors used in the office should be yellow ( Turkey ) , white ( Kim ) , black ( Mercury ) or green tint to shape a strong and clean, cool . If you use bright colors prone to feeling stress , causing the darkness or color of melancholy , passive .

For young people , can complement the warm colors and playful lines to stimulate creative thinking . Decorate and arrange items in office should also match the five elements . For example , furniture is suitable circular form ( Kim ) , square or rectangular ( Turkey ) , rounded corners can to reduce collisions when traveling .

To allocate more or potted aquarium is also very useful in creating lively atmosphere for work . Avoid sitting under a ceiling fan work , chandeliers or beams because this place often gathering dust , blowing wind or harsh light on top , stir the air , an adverse impact on the health and working capacity .
( According Xzone )

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