Improve desk luck, financial development

Question: So , how to change the feng shui can not move it ? Also, when working in the same room , there was ” absorbing ” bad feng shui impacts from other desks ? Reply to : The answer to your second question is very simple. Well , everything around you in the office

Building aquariums and rockery for people born in 1976

Question: I was born in 1976 , his wife was born in 1985, intends to build a house midyear . However, according to some people , my wife and I can not build aquarium or indoor rockery designed for engraving with par . Ask this true? Nguyen Thuan Hoa ( Nghe An ) Reply to

To build a house wife is not groundbreaking?

Question: My husband was born in Yi Ty same , the same destiny Mars , we do also eat well , building a new computer this year , but I should have known when the Martians fell , the new family is harmonious peace . Breakfast and my wife said that he considered the crappy

6 feng shui elements needed for home furnishings

Feng shui is often a lot of interest for furniture and other areas in the house . However, the exterior also should pay attention if you want to have a perfect house full of vitality and vigor . 1 . Choose paint colors outside Prior to painting , homeowners should consider two characteristics related to

Chemistry prize for the rider lands

Sometimes a house inevitable monuments factors considered in terms of feng shui , especially the smallest details even more difficult to notice . Here are a few ways to make your house monuments to reduce their home . If you have trees or poles to create doorstep hung indoors or close to making the illness

Prime amicable monuments feng shui in the home

Many homes are built and decorated in the modern range has many hydrophobic according to feng shui . Here are a few ways to neutralize and reduce the monument which , more balanced life for your family . – Before the first tree or trees have dried : Feng shui dried up trees or tree

Feng shui door and things to note

The main door is a special part of the house , feng shui meanings is important . So , you need to keep in mind when special door decoration for your home . 1 . What Not to obstacles in front Homeowners should be aware of this characteristic because the front door is considered as

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