The ” gold ” in feng shui when hunting condominium

Unlike when buying a home , when choosing to buy apartment you can not build according to their own needs , so choose the best apartment according to feng shui to attract more life energy . Thoroughly studied feng shui tips below to fully understand the real reason behind each and an offer to purchase

Wedding room layout according to feng shui

Chamber ‘s wedding last couple usually pay attention to the layout according to feng shui wish everything goes well and happy married life . What to do Color scheme of the interior decorations are not just aesthetic reach , bring out the romantic , gentle , charming , but also to ensure the correct feng

Feng shui

Five out with five elements: metal, wood , water, fire and earth to suit each person is different and suitable applications to enhance your living room . 1 . carpentry ” Jupiter ” creating power of creativity and development . It represents the birth , growing up , flexible and sensitive . Too many factors

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