Prime amicable monuments feng shui in the home

Many homes are built and decorated in the modern range has many hydrophobic according to feng shui . Here are a few ways to neutralize and reduce the monument which , more balanced life for your family .

– Before the first tree or trees have dried :

dried up trees or tree cavalry to the front , would make all the lonely grief . So we need to cut all the trees and not dry before planting a single tree . If there are trees and not cut , use a front light or to compete more red ( of Mars ) front suspension .

file.367154 Prime amicable monuments feng shui in the home

– Housing opposite the roundabout or intersection :

If at the roundabout opposite or opposite the intersection will shine into the air . Cause the non- murderous discord , separate families and not good for the family . In case if the house should only be used as the basis and should not be in business .

– Mirrors in the bedroom :

In feng shui mirror effect reflects the flow of weapons to the projector . The use of the mirror must be very careful not to be placed indiscriminately . In the bedroom , lying should not see themselves in the mirror . Because this is not good for your health and makes deep sleep and not sleeping well .

– Bed rafters or blocking the altar , kitchen :

At the bar placement , its gases are relatively strong and often murderous . If bed placed right under the rafters or under the stairs is extremely unfavorable . Be overcome by use with bed space or a horizontal stretch ceiling wood or paper wraps rafters . This will reduce the negative impact of the crossbar. This also applies equally to the kitchen and the altar .

– Two main house gate pulse for each :

According to Feng Shui , if the two main opposition doors will make this house gas pulses straight to the other door should surely have been a bad one . To overcome trigrams can mirror or wind chimes hanging in the doorway . Mirrors in Feng Shui works reflect airflow to fly , but the use of the mirror must be very careful , not to be used indiscriminately for both mirrors can reflect gas sand ..

In addition to defuse dangerous weapons can sometimes hear , Guan Gong, Ba Buddha at the entrance to town or use the glass kind of hanging bridge to reconciliation.

– Housing stabbed in the street :

If there is a path stabbed the weapon will bounce straight at home . In this state no peace , ease the non- birth , illness , loss of wealth . To overcome trigrams can mirror or high walls for sure . In addition to defuse dangerous weapons can sometimes hear , Guan Gong, Ba Buddha at the entrance to town .

– Housing steep run straight into the home :

If there are steep run straight into the home straight in the air will pulse or gas flow directly into sugar . Gas transport in the house as well as the blood vessels in the body , to capture gas and gas exports to the UE . Air transport should not be winding or straight into stormed stormed straight out. This case needs to build many steps up and down to reduce gas and eaves around the doors . Use the extra wait, sometimes you hear , or the Guan Gong statue in place institutional She crashed into the steep .

– The State has informed the front door to the back door :

If the main door through the back door and between the door ( if any) that the magazine into three different doors . Gas will be displaced in all , the money does not prosper , wasted money, no fortune is held . This case needed to be corrected or put a front door in the middle for sure doors and accessories not see each other anymore . Use a glass bridge suspended between two position through the door , taking the first dragon turtle statues or objects pelt sheltered side door .

– State of the angles are different shine into the house :

Sharp corner of a house crashed into the house will bring gas to watch , very damaging to homeowners , causing discord , non-market , consumption spread fortune .

– State high after previous low :

According to Feng Shui , the lower house before high after all not found in the post- operation , as long at birth will be more wicked , wasting public money list . So , should be immediately remedied by building a high wall behind the house , at which place a few lamp post shines on the roof later . Should lower the front gate , door and wall height front home . Combining more interior elements , using the gas supplies to increase vitality in the house.

– Kitchen of the highway right outside :

According to Feng Shui , the kitchen is the source of wealth and discreet to go so that people outside can not see into the kitchen door . If standing at the kitchen door , the area saw it at the cavalry . So overcome by the kitchen layout or use a shielding fronts for the kitchen or pedestal .

– Bed facing the door :

The bed should not face the door because the door to the gas from going straight to bed around , causing harm to the health of lies . So where else Statistics bed or hanging curtains at the door .

– Located right next to the kitchen sink or in the tank :

Kitchen of Fire should not irreconcilable with Mercury . So do not be next to the kitchen sink because Mercury portrayed by reducing the gas stove . So far designed kitchen sink and refrigerator , as well as water storage utensils .
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