Rearrange your desk after failure

When that failed , weak , and incapable – you will feel the energy and enthusiasm greatly reduced . Almost everyone who has ever experienced periods like this . This is the expression we are tired or quintessence of gas is exhausted .

Almost feeling like this is caused by the direct work space . When you fail, this is usually caused by a number of events as a catalyst .

These events can be denial , rejection , failure , frustration , being yelled at , criticized , or being treated unfairly . Then everything around you will increase the feeling of despair .

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At times like that , you use feng shui to lift your spirit and inspire confidence . Take a look at your desk is a symbolic microcosm of extremes , to represent the yin qi and essence of the universe is expressed in positive air bagua symbol . Divide the table into nine equal squares as square matrices . Enter the name of the square in this direction .

Computers towards a good direction , based on the use of some monsters .

The file is located in the east .

Where to start ?

Arrange the objects