Sleep well by putting the right feng shui bed

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7 basic steps to bring good bedroom
Place the correct position under the bed feng shui will help scientists sleep and bring many benefits in terms of our health .

The owner of what is set out in the direction of her bed :

20131112013942843 Sleep well by putting the right feng shui bed

• The owner of the five elements of Water , Wood , Fire ( verb clauses ) should be placed in bed north , east , south , south east .

• Homeowners under par Kim , Turkey ( West quad ) should be placed in bed northeast , northwest, southwest and west .

• bed should be placed in three positions on the seating surface .

The position should be avoided in the bedroom :

• Do not place the bed facing the door or from the front door can look into bed because this phenomenon will lead to the collapse of health and the name of the owner. In no circumstances should the bed can rotate the swivel head to bed as a way to neutralize .

• Do not place the bed next to the toilet or on the floor under the toilet or bedside slide straight into the toilet . Because the toilet is often considered unclean place .

• No head on the bed right under the window , or close the window because the window is where the airflow and the most powerful light source , can work towards greatly , affect sleep and detrimental to health .

• Do not place the head of the bed where the bar crossing through , because they cause insomnia or sleep apnea feel like there is something on top of .

• Headboard not shine into the stove or close to the kitchen Statistics not good for human health , which may cause heart disease …

• Headboard not to ” disclose no ” . If no Statistics headboard against the wall , the end of the bed should be pressed on the wall , even if not suicidal can put the wall next to the headboard is also a way to neutralize .

• Bed diet projector straight from the chimney outside. Feng shui practitioners believe that ” all bed chimneys make difficult birth .” If this happens , the case can be used on curtains to cover windows to prevent chimney is visible .

• Headboard not shine into the mirror ( though not as bagua mirror or glass door ) . If the mirror directly to bed early will often startle seriously affect sleep phenomena lead to insomnia , heart disease , mental dispersion . Ideally , the mirror hanging in the closet in the field so as not to affect health .

Also there are many different opinions about the place according to feng shui bed bewildered many people do not know is true . However, we should apply the most basic and easy to implement .
( According to the Vietnamese People )

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