Sort the opposition elements in feng shui kitchen

bep dep phong thuy Sort the opposition elements in feng shui kitchen

The kitchen represents two opposing factors in feng shui : water ( dishwashing sinks ) and fire ( stove ) . Therefore, you should arrange water system and positively kitchen together , or paired mismatches but bring balance to the kitchen space .

The balance in the kitchen space

To arrange a kitchen , you need to distinguish the instruments into 2 groups opposing elements so that the correct layout according to kitchen . Cooking stoves , ovens symbolizes fire , sink , refrigerator water symbolizes .

Marine gas generated by the water system and gas fire stove fire is born in conflict with each other . So cooking and kitchen faucets , refrigerator absolutely not be placed side by side or facing each other . You can arrange a table , around the kitchen table for mixing in between , ensuring a minimum distance between the stove and sink is 60cm .

According to feng shui , the kitchen should be put in a bad direction and look good in the sense of direction ” is hung towards the sand ” , help repel and prevent blocking the bad and bring luck to the family . Therefore, the kitchen ” sand is sand direction ” not as good ” is hung towards the sand ” means kitchen to look good direction toward healing not put up with data-oriented view toward healing .

According to the concept of ” economic Kim optical nodding ” : ” Kitchen Shop is the place to put wood fuel into the bottom of the pot , set it to turn towards the good , being fast like new ” .

During cooking , washing the dishes , you have to use a lot of water . According to Feng Shui , water symbolizes the abundance of fortune so you should use water reasonably and properly , to avoid loss , wasting unnecessary .

Also, an important point that you should pay attention , which is to ensure that the kitchen is always bright and clean . Absolutely not turn the kitchen into a storage locker where many unnecessary things , dark , wet … easy disease outbreaks , affecting the health of the family .

Note the positioning kitchen

– Do not put the kitchen in the center of the house , because this is the place to meet the extremes of sand rather than having hung ; stoves should be ” hung direction is sand ” so the kitchen should be located in the second half behind the door as far as possible . Absolutely not designed kitchen is sealed around all four sides affect the financial operation of the owner , one side of the kitchen should look in place of the open house like backyard , balcony , voids …

– The kitchen bedroom so far , should not face the bedroom door . Kitchen where cooking is even heat , if nearby would make stuffy bedroom , pumpkin painting , affect the health of the bed in the room .

– Do not place at the right bottom corner kitchen because according to feng shui , which is locally ” Horizontal tube Apples ” Abstain . You should seek consultation Architects designed L -shaped kitchen table to avoid this .

– Do not place close to the kitchen window , violate this wonderful resource will air in the displaced , not so good for the transportation of the owner.

– Do not position the kitchen near the washroom or toilet room just below the upper deck . Kitchen where food preparation , kitchen stove of Mars ; longer baths of Mercury – which together restraint . Not only that , the kitchen is a place to cook food and drinks for the whole family , so you need to keep up the hygiene in the kitchen layout near or just below the toilet is at the cavalry .

KTS . Nguyen Manh Cuong
DMC Corporation Vietnam Architecture
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